Porsche Track Upgrades

Track Upgrades

The Right Track Upgrades for European Cars in Tempe

Mcilvain Motors does not only service Porsches vehicles but we also drive these cars on local racetracks. Scott Mcilvain is the chief driving instructor for the Arizona region of the Porsche club and has been a long time member at Inde Motorsports Ranch. Scott has built quite a few Porsche track cars and racecars over the years and coached many students who have found success racing.

At Mcilvain Motors we offer a number of services catering to both the track novice and enthusiast including:

  • Suspension
  • Racing alignments
  • Suspension calibration

Keeping the driver in mind, our shop only uses the latest high-end equipment and professional methods to provide the most accurate calibration to your vehicle’s suspension with a custom set-up tailored to the driver’s body weight and driving style.

Once you’re on the track the later you can stop, the faster you will be. We offer brake upgrades whether it’s a quick brake-fluid upgrade or a complete overhaul of the factory brake system; our mechanics have the experience and options for every type of driver. Call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle with one of our mechanics and to begin planning how to get the most out of your car before your next trip to the track.

For quotes and more information, please fill out the contact page or send Scott an email at Scott@mcilvainmotors.com