Porsche Scheduled Services

Scheduled Services 40k/60k/80k

Most Preferred Location for Porsche’s Scheduled Services in Tempe

All automobile manufactures have scheduled maintenance requirement and Porsche is no different. Each Porsche model is different so it’s best to check your car’s owner’s manual to find its’ specific schedule. For drivers all throughout the Tempe area the expert Porsche mechanics at Mcilvain Motors make it easier than ever to take better care of your vehicle.

Covering All Major Services

Most Porsche scheduled services include:

  • Oil/Filter changes
  • Drive belt maintenance
  • Spark plug checks/replacement
  • Air filters
  • Cabin filters
  • Brake fluid flush

These scheduled services are all recommended to keep your Porsche running at its’ best. At Mcilvain Motors we use all of the latest available tools and equipment to complete minor and major services for all Porsche models at the proper 20K, 40k, 60k mile intervals.

Better Care for Your Car

Our mechanics have years of experience working with Porsche vehicles and we understand all of the ins and outs of proper maintenance. For years we’ve helped Tempe drivers and Porsche owners from surrounding cities like:

Routine maintenance is crucial to enjoying the best your car has to offer so please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment.