Mcilvain Motors provides a great service for anyone who is looking to get on the track for the first time or vertarns looking for more track time in a safe envoroment. Mcilvain Motors has partenered up with one of the best private tracks in the country , Inde Motorsports Ranch. This motorsport OASIS fethers the best possible 2.75 mile track and country club amenities. For more information on the this great private track please visit INDE Motorsports Ranch website below.


Scott Mcilvain has been tracking PORSCHE and other high performance cars since 2004. He is a nationally certified driving instructor for the PCA and NASA and has served as a driving instructor for the SCCA, BMW club, Ferrari club, Nissan club and many others. He has been working one on one with driving students since 2009 at Inde Motorsports Ranch. Over this time he has worked with 100’s of students in about ever make of sports car. His low pressure high fun approach to coaching is very well received by his students.

Mcilvain Motors will set up a private one on one coaching experience where you will drive your car at the speed you are comfortable at. Over the time at the track the student will learn car control, driving the correct line, inputs for steering/brakes/gas, correct vision and most importantly have a GREAT time. Typically the amount of cars on track are very low so the driver does not have to be as worried about other cars on track. All of this driving and second to none tack amenity’s that Inde provides makes for the best possible track day experience.
For the students that have some track experience or those first time students who are ready Mcilvain Motors uses in car data and video. By using this data and video the couching can continue in the class room. Here Scott will go over every turn on the track and with the data and video can give the student feedback outside of the car where the student can better observe the information at their own speed. Is is a very effective tool for the first time to the veteran. Scott can also provide driving demonstrations and lead follow techniques. All of this gives the student the best increase in driving skill and track comfortability that can’t be found anywhere else. Mcilvain Motors provides track days to all student levels and most sports cars that are mechanically sound. We can handle up to 3 cars and 5 students at a time. For more information please fill out a contact page or email