Mcilvain Motors offers service and support to the following PORSCHE vehicles:

    • – Every 5,000 to 7,000
    • – Check oil filter to see health of engine
    • – DME report * if possible
    • – Full underside inspection of car
    • Pin fittings and repair fittings
      over 20 done in the state.
  • All automobile manufactures have scheduled maintenance requirement and Porsche is no different. Each Porsche model is different so it’s best to check your car’s owner’s manual to find its’ specific schedule. For drivers all throughout the Tempe area the expert Porsche mechanics at Mcilvain Motors make it easier than ever to take better care of…

    • Suspension set up and components
    • Brake upgrades
    • Exhaust upgrades
    • – Stock brake components to full brake
      upgrades for the track.
  • Check engine Light and other error messages Do you have a check engine light or error message on your Porsche, VW, Audi, or BMW? If you do, please give us a call. We will check your engine light, document the code and clear it for free. A check engine light could be something as simple…

    • Cooling system
    • – Water pumps
    • – coolant tanks
    • – Cayenne coolant lines
  • You count on your clutch to help provide the smooth performance you expect from your European vehicle. Issues with the clutch can range from minor & quick fixes to extremely expensive long-term headaches. For drivers throughout the Tempe area the mechanics at Mcilvain Motors offer affordable, quality clutch services and repairs for the most popular…

    • Water pumps
    • coolant tanks
    • Cayenne coolant lines
  • Transmissions have much longer service intervals compared to oil and filter changes, which is why they can sometimes be overlooked. However, that does not mean that they are any less important; your transmission sends power to the wheels so it is important to keep this vital part of your vehicle in good operating condition. For…

  • When looking for a new car you want to know as much as possible about any vehicle you may be thinking of purchasing. At Mcilvain Motors in Tempe we have you covered, offering complete pre-purchase inspections for: Audi BMW Porsche Volkswagen We check and analyze the mechanical condition of every major system on your vehicle…