Porsche Camshaft Variator

Where Can You Solve Porsche Camshaft Variator Issues in Tempe?

by admin May 17, 2020

In order to give Porsche drivers an unforgettable motoring experience, your vehicle has a series of fine-tuned, highly-precise components that work together ensure that engine performance is powerful, handling is tight, efficiency is maximized, and driver enjoyment is second to none. All of these carefully-crafted parts rely on one another being in perfect working condition…

Volkswagen Engine Temperature Warning Light

When Should You Replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor in Your VW?

by admin May 1, 2020

An engine needs to maintain a temperature within a certain window in order to operate effectively and avoid damage from overheating. What keeps things cool in your car is a heat-absorbing fluid called coolant that circulates throughout the engine. The piece of technology that monitors the coolant is called the coolant temperature sensor or coolant…

Car Brake Warning Light

Signs of the Brake System Malfunctioning in Your Car

by admin April 15, 2020

Your brakes are integral in the functioning of your vehicle. Like all mechanical parts, they have an expected lifespan, at the end of which they will need to be replaced. As they fill a critical role for your vehicle and are absolutely essential for your own safety, when it’s time for your brakes to be…

Car Outside Home

Importance of Having a Vehicle During A Pandemic

by admin April 5, 2020

* The Blog Post is originally written by David Gersh in German Repair Shop Marketing. Right now, many find themselves at home for long periods of time in quarantine, either self-imposed or mandated. Concerns of the spread of the novel coronavirus have risen and become such a central focus of our lives and thoughts that…

Porsche Fuel Pump

Reasons Behind Your Porsche’s Fuel Pump Failure From Expert Technicians in Tempe

by admin March 29, 2020

When looking to buy a new vehicle, one of the major factors considered is fuel performance and gas mileage. In the past, vehicles that were built to perform did not have the highest gas mileage. This reputation was changed by Porsche. As a manufacturer, Porsche has stepped up in the area of gas mileage and…

Audi Tail Light Failure

Where to Go in Tempe to Fix Your Audi’s Failed Tail Lights

by admin March 12, 2020

Tail light problems can be a pesky issue. You may not realize you are driving without an illuminated tail light until pulled over at a traffic stop, hopefully with a friendly warning to get it repaired. Fortunately, it is a pretty quick and easy fix for our mechanics to perform. With the trusted Audi technicians…

Porsche Worn Out Water Pump

Is Your Porsche’s Water Pump Malfunctioning in Tempe?

by admin February 24, 2020

The water pump is sort of like a centrifuge for your vehicle. It is driven by a belt connected to the engine’s crankshaft and circulates fluid throughout the engine whenever it is running. The centrifugal force created by the water pump is what powers the fluid throughout the engine, a process that is vital to…

Volkswagen Exhaust System

Potential Volkswagen Exhaust System Issues

by admin February 7, 2020

Your VW needs a working exhaust system to run well and perform at its best. The exhaust system is also essential for your health and of those around you as well as for the environment. Exhaust issues can result in harmful gases being released into the environment instead of becoming safe emissions. Therefore, if you…

BMW F26 X4

A Bad PCV Valve Can Result in Poor Performance From Your BMW

by admin January 21, 2020

The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve of your BMW is incredibly important to your vehicle’s well-being, as it regulates the pressure and airflow of the system. The PCV works to keep pollutants created as byproducts from your engine from being released into the atmosphere and keeps the engine oil clean, which ultimately serves to prevent…

Audi Used Spark Plug

Where is the Best Place to Repair Your Audi’s Spark Plug in Tempe?

by admin January 4, 2020

If an engine has no spark, it’s not going anywhere. This is because a spark is needed to ignite the fuel in your engine to kick off the combustion cycle and get your Audi moving. The part that is chiefly in charge of starting that reaction is the spark plugs. These hard-working parts are responsible…

BMW Clutch Problem

Diagnosing BMW Clutch Problems in Tempe

by admin December 18, 2019

BMW and a failing clutch simply aren’t meant to go together. One offers supreme luxury and precision driving, and the other offers stress, difficulty, and potential safety hazards. It goes without saying that any BMW driver worth their salt simply won’t stand for clutch failure. With this in mind, in this article we’ll be taking…

Audi Fuel Cap

Diagnosing a Loose Fuel Cap in Your Audi

by admin December 1, 2019

Your Audi is the representation of decades of motoring research and refinement, meaning that when you hit the road, you are more intune with your vehicle than ever before, leading to breathtaking driving experiences. However, faults with simple systems, such as you fuel cap, can ruin this motoring ideal, which is why in this article,…

Porsche Cayman

Where Can You Get the Best Service for Your Porsche’s MAF Sensor in Tempe?

by admin November 14, 2019

Porsche has a history of producing amazingly powerful cars that are fun to drive and a treat to observe. However, this fantastic driving experience can be completely ruined by parts failure. Most of the time, these faults can be completely avoided by getting your car serviced at a great auto repair shop. With this in…

Volkswagen ABS Warning Light

Common Issues With Volkswagen’s ABS Module

by admin October 28, 2019

Volkswagen is a German auto manufacturing juggernaut with a history not only of producing pop culture icons like the Beetle and Campervan, but they also create safe, reliable, durable vehicles, like the Volkswagen. They are known as the “car for the people,” and are one of the safest vehicles on the road. One of the…

BMW Used Fuel Injector

Why Your BMW Has a Bad Fuel Injector

by admin October 11, 2019

BMWs are stunning luxury cars that give the best driving experience to their owners. They encourage drivers to become better owners, in terms of care and maintenance. BMW wants owners to experience the very best their model can offer. It is unlikely that a BMW will fail their driver due to manufacturer problems. However, natural…

Porsche Air Filter

What is Wrong With Your Porsche’s Engine Air Filter?

by admin September 24, 2019

The air filter in your Porsche’s engine is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The primary purpose of the air filter is to filter out dust, dirt, and other particles that might enter your engine and cause premature wear. It’s important to remember to maintain your air filter and change it regularly…

Volkswagen Airbag Warning Light

How to Fix Your Volkswagen’s Airbag Problems in Tempe

by admin September 7, 2019

If there’s any vehicle manufacturing company that has revolutionized the way consumers portray their brand, it’s Volkswagen. Originally known for releasing the cute Bettle Bug and free loving hippy van, VW changed the name of the game when they released the Eos, Tiguan, and Passat. By expanding their arsenal of vehicles, they also broadened their…

Audi EGR System

Best Service for Issues With the EGR System in Audi at Tempe

by admin August 21, 2019

Audis are well-known for being some of the best luxury vehicles on the market today. Loved for their power and excellence in performance, these cars have a reputation for class and power. However, they are not infallible. Audis are subject to wear and tear just like any other vehicle, foreign or domestic. This is true…

BMW Ignition Lock Failure

Ignition Lock Failure in BMWs in Tempe

by admin August 4, 2019

Owning a BMW is an achievement and a luxury. BMWs are made to be unique and perform at a higher level than most other vehicles. When you purchase a BMW, you will leave the dealer’s lot knowing that your vehicle is reliable, sleek, elegant, and fun to drive. Each BMW is made to stand out…

Audi Ignition System

Reasons Behind Engine Misfires In Your Audi

by admin July 20, 2019

Audi’s are one of the best cars in the industry. Audi owners know that they can depend on their car’s long-standing reputation for being quality first with a simple luxuriousness second. Audi’s service and maintenance schedule is much like that of other high end automobiles. However, like all vehicles, they are subject to wear and…