Porsche Worn Out Water Pump

Is Your Porsche’s Water Pump Malfunctioning in Tempe?

by admin February 24, 2020

The water pump is sort of like a centrifuge for your vehicle. It is driven by a belt connected to the engine’s crankshaft and circulates fluid throughout the engine whenever it is running. The centrifugal force created by the water pump is what powers the fluid throughout the engine, a process that is vital to keeping the engine cool and protecting its components from overheating in your Porsche.

The fluid (coolant) coming from the water pump first goes into the engine block, then to the cylinder head, the radiator, and then returns to the pump. The process is incredibly important to the safety and performance of your engine. The failure of the water pump could lead to overheating, the effects of which are likely to cause even more damage to your engine.

Water Pump Failure

If the water pump fails in your Porsche, it is imperative that you get it serviced by an expert mechanic right away. This is because this problem can and most likely will lead to further problems. Additionally, this is an extremely difficult problem to diagnose, and probably not one you can figure out on your own. It is better to be safe than sorry, so cut out the guesswork and visit a trusted Porsche mechanic.

When your water pump fails your vehicle may experience any of the following problems:

  • Damaged gaskets and seals due to the expansion or other types of warping of the metal engine components from excessive heat exposure.
  • Coolant will leak from the engine underneath the vehicle when parked.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency. When your engine is overheating, it is not performing as well as it could be and is working much harder to produce standard results.

Common Signs of Water Pump Malfunction

Let’s look further into the symptoms listed above, because these are the signs to look for when you suspect your water pump has failed or otherwise malfunctioned.

Coolant Leak

This is a symptom that can be indicative of many things but is directly related to the functioning of the water pump, since this is the fluid that flows throughout the engine from the water pump’s centrifugal force. If you notice the leak is near the center and/or front of your engine, this could narrow your possibilities down to an issue with the water pump. The water pump is designed to hold the coolant, so if there is a leak, this is an indication that either the water pump itself is damaged or a gasket failed.

Engine Overheating

As we’ve already discussed, the water pump is directly responsible for ensuring the engine is cool during operation, and it prevents any occurrence of overheating. A compromised or damaged water pump cannot produce adequate force to move coolant throughout the necessary engine components. An easy way to keep track of this is by paying close attention to the temperature gauge of your engine, especially during warmer seasons.

Steam Coming From The Engine

If you notice steam coming from the front of your Porsche, this is an almost surefire way of identifying a problem with the water pump. This is caused by the leaking coolant or other fluids splashing onto the extremely hot metal components and creating vapors as it dissolves.

Strange Noises Coming From the Engine

You may notice a high-pitched whining noise being emitted from your engine. This happens because of the drive belt, which powers the water pump. It will rotate more quickly than normal if it has become loosened or damaged somehow.

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