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How to Fix Your Porsche’s Coolant Leaks in Tempe

by admin May 31, 2019

The coolant system in your Porsche protects the life of your engine. Porsche engines are precision designed and manufactured. The operating temperature is controlled to keep the system from getting too hot and overheating. If your engine has to work in conditions that are outside the controlled temperatures for which they were designed, the engine can be permanently and irreparably damaged. One risk of overheating includes damage to the head gasket. This gasket keeps the coolant and oil separate in the engine. Another risk of overheating is a warped cylinder head.

Since 1977 Porsche has been using aluminum alloy in their engines due to its lightweight and durable qualities, which provide exceptional performance to the Porsche engine. However aluminum is more sensitive to heat and the engine therefore relies heavily on the coolant system to keep it running properly. An even more serious problem is if the engine heats to such an extent that the coolant begins to boil. This will cause, the pistons in the engine to swell. This will permanently damage your Porsche’s engine. Let’s discuss the components of your Porsche’s coolant system and how to get the help you need to fix them.

Parts of Your Porsche’s Cooling System

The coolant system is comprised on several key parts. Below you will find details of four of those components:


The radiator is often assumed to be the coolant reservoir because it is frequently the location where coolant is added to a car. However, the radiator is actually a series of small thin fins where coolant is circulated to allow excess heat to be removed to outside of the car’s engine. If the radiator is damaged or leaking, your car can lose coolant. This may damage your engine. The same can happen even if it is not leaking, because the coolant can’t flow through the radiator as intended. Therefore, the fluid is too hot when it moves through the engine.

Water Pump

The water pump is essentially the heart of your car’s coolant system. It pushes the coolant through the engine and then back through the radiator. The pump is an impeller pump, which means that there are rotating blades that push the fluid out and away from the center. This is sometimes called a centrifugal pump. The water pump has seals and bearings that can each be points of leaks.


The thermostat works as the brain of the coolant system in your Porsche. The thermostat is located between the engine and radiator. While the temperature setting on the thermostat can vary some from vehicle to vehicle, the thermostat will typically turn the coolant system on when it reaches a temperature of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the thermostat is not working properly, your car can overheat. The process of overheating can cause seals to break resulting in leaks in the coolant system. This will exacerbate the damage to your Porsche’s engine.

Coolant Hoses

The coolant system works by moving coolant fluid through the engine, drawing heat into the fluid, which is then transferred to the radiator through rubber hoses. These hoses can dry over time, where cracks can then form and fluid can leak from your Porsche. The hoses in a Porsche are specifically designed for the high performance engine that is Porsche’s trademark. But even the most high quality parts are impacted by use.

Signs of a Coolant Leak

There are 4 common signs of a coolant leak in your Porsche. Engine overheating: a light on your dash or temperature gauge running high. A puddle of liquid can form under your car where it was stopped or parked. Small pools of liquid can be found on parts on your engine. Finally, you may smell a sweet, slightly-burnt odor while your car is running.

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