Porsche Boxster Car

Expert Auto Shop in Tempe for Your Porsche Boxster’s Annual Maintenance Schedule

by admin September 27, 2021

Porsche models are high-performance sports vehicles that have different maintenance requirements than standard vehicles. An annual maintenance schedule is imperative for this type of car since they are susceptible to certain types of problems other vehicles won’t experience. Boxsters require a high level of care to keep them running their best, which is understandable for…

Porsche Cayenne

Common Problems to Look for in a Pre-Owned Porsche: Advice from the Experts in Tempe

by admin September 10, 2021

The convenience and luxury of a Porsche often comes with a certain amount of problems and setbacks. Many of these issues are common to all brands of cars, however, a select few are specific to the Porsche line of vehicles. It serves owners well to be conscious of common problems that may arise. Engine trouble,…

Porsche Logo

The Importance of PDK Transmission Service for Your Porsche

by admin August 25, 2021

There’s nothing like racing down the highway in your Porsche with the smooth transition from gear to gear as you shift your PDK transmission into faster speeds. It is mesmerizing. Yet, that serene feeling of bliss can be smashed to smithereens by the grinding and screeching of a locked-up gearbox. If you’re consistently neglecting your…

Porsche Gear Issue

The Best Repair Shop in Tempe to Deal with Transmission Valve Body Failure in a Porsche

by admin August 9, 2021

When it comes to proper handling and gear changes, Porsches have a superior design that enables drivers to enjoy premium rides, but the transmission system that makes this possible isn’t immune to problems. If anything, the transmission valve body in a Porsche is often at the center of the many possible issues that may come…

Car On Road

Should You Go For Track Upgrade of Your Luxury Car?

by admin July 24, 2021

Whether you enjoy riding to work in style or hitting the streets on the weekend for joy riding, there are many aftermarket options to make your luxury vehicle purchase even better. There are also many options that are simply not worth the expense or effort. It is important to weigh all the options, as each…

Pre Owned Cars For Sale

Where to Take Your Car For a Pre-Purchase Inspection in Tempe

by admin July 8, 2021

When you consider the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, whether directly from a dealership or from an individual, a pre-purchase inspection is a relatively inexpensive inspection in comparison to the thousands of dollars of debt potentially placed upon you with a vehicle failure. A pre-purchase inspection is an independent, third-party professional service that is used…

Porsche Check Engine Light

Where You Should Go in Tempe to Fix Check Engine Light Issues in Your Porsche

by admin June 22, 2021

Porsches can develop many problems that lead to an illuminated check engine light. The check engine light is a computerized engine management system used to indicate a problem within your Porsche. It appears in the shape of an engine on your dashboard and is typically a yellow/amber color.  This warning light typically alerts the driver…

Porsche Rear Spring

Expert Advice on Broken Rear Springs in Your Porsche

by admin June 6, 2021

The Porsche is a stylish, reliable car that many drivers love to own. Porsche’s are typically fairly affordable cars and aren’t that expensive to maintain. However, there are certain problems that can arise with your Porsche, as with any other car. The suspension of your PORSCHE is what keeps you comfortable as you drive. It…

Porsche Overheated Engine

Tips to Detect Metal Shavings in the Oil of Your Porsche

by admin May 21, 2021

Your Porsche may develop metal shavings in the oil due to shoddy engine oil or other reasons. When you drive a high-performance car, only high-quality materials should be used. Excessive wear and lack of lubrication are the most common causes of metal shavings building up. You bought a luxury sports car and may want to…

Overheated Porsche Engine

Fixing an Overheated Porsche Engine in Tempe

by admin May 5, 2021

If you only know one thing about the inner workings of the automobile, you know that the engine is the most important component of a car. When something goes wrong with your car’s engine, it can be alarming and bring you to a full stop quickly. Oftentimes, we only discover something is wrong with the…

Porsche Engine Misfire

How To Know if Your Porsche’s Fuel Pressure Regulator Is Bad?

by admin April 18, 2021

The failure of a fuel pressure regulator is not uncommon in a Porsche. Even the best-built performance cars succumb to small issues like this from time to time. The problem with the fuel pressure regulator is that it will appear as several different issues when it begins to fail. This finds the do-it-yourselfers and mechanics…

Porsche Oil Light

How to Detect Oil & Coolant Leaks in Your Porsche

by admin April 1, 2021

While you’re enjoying the ultra-refined experience of driving a Porsche, routine maintenance that car owners are supposed to have done isn’t always your main focus. However, when you own a car with Porsche’s well-engineered design, knowing how to detect oil and coolant leaks can help you preserve your car’s high performance and quality for years…

Porsche Car

Damage Done to Your Porsche by a Faulty Knock Sensor

by admin January 9, 2021

Voted as one of the world’s favorite sports cars, it’s no secret that Porsches come with stunning designs and excellent performance levels. So, if your Porsche is having issues with a faulty knock sensor, it’s important to get it checked out by a team of certified mechanics as soon as you suspect a problem. Causes…

Car Engine Stalling

10 Symptoms of A Failing Camshaft Position Sensor in Your Car

by admin December 24, 2020

The camshaft position sensor monitors the camshaft speed and position. It sends the collected data to the engine control module. The ECM is then able to determine how much fuel is needed and the timing of the spark. Common Causes Camshaft Position Sensor Failure Just like every other component in your vehicle, the camshaft position…

Car Engine Misfire

Common Symptoms of Issues in Your Fuel Delivery System

by admin November 22, 2020

We’ve all been there: You’re driving down the road, when you notice that your car isn’t running right. Maybe it’s misfiring, maybe you don’t have enough power, but either way, you can tell it isn’t good. There’s a chance that if you’re experiencing either of the above, your car has problems with its fuel delivery…

Porsche Engine Overheating

Efficient Cooling System Maintenance for Your Porsche in Tempe

by admin November 5, 2020

When it comes to a comfortable and reliable ride, especially in a car such as Porsche, ensuring that all the parts under the hood are working properly should be your number one priority. With that in mind, try to spot any issues as they arise to prevent them from getting worse in the long term…

Porsche Suspension System

Common Reasons for Suspension Problems in Your Porsche

by admin September 18, 2020

The design of the Porsche, from its turbocharged engine to its state of the art suspension system, deserves the best in service and maintenance. Regular care and service by trained Porsche experts only will ensure that your car’s systems continue to function at the highest capacity. Your Porsche’s suspension system is one feature that should…

Lady Turning On Car AC

Let the Experts in Tempe Solve Your Car’s AC System Issues

by admin September 2, 2020

Mechanical issues with your reliable vehicle can be a headache. In hot Tempe, however, issues with the air conditioning system of a car can be more than just troublesome. To ensure a comfortable ride and the safety of your passenger, take your vehicle in when you experience AC problems. Common Causes of Problems with the…

Car Brake

Importance of Brake Repairs in Cars by Auto Experts of Tempe

by admin June 16, 2020

The braking system in your car is one of the most crucial safety features to maintain. The consequences of neglecting maintenance and leaving brake issues unresolved can be disastrous to yourself and others. It is your duty as a driver to have your brakes repaired when needed. In this article, you are going to learn…

Porsche Camshaft Variator

Where Can You Solve Porsche Camshaft Variator Issues in Tempe?

by admin May 17, 2020

In order to give Porsche drivers an unforgettable motoring experience, your vehicle has a series of fine-tuned, highly-precise components that work together ensure that engine performance is powerful, handling is tight, efficiency is maximized, and driver enjoyment is second to none. All of these carefully-crafted parts rely on one another being in perfect working condition…