Porsche Check Engine Light

Where You Should Go in Tempe to Fix Check Engine Light Issues in Your Porsche

by admin June 22, 2021

Porsches can develop many problems that lead to an illuminated check engine light. The check engine light is a computerized engine management system used to indicate a problem within your Porsche. It appears in the shape of an engine on your dashboard and is typically a yellow/amber color.  This warning light typically alerts the driver to a problem within the vehicle, but that’s a broad range of places to look for an issue, so car owners often want to narrow it down.

Common Reasons for Your Engine Warning Light

Should you find yourself with an illuminated check engine light in your Porsche, do not panic. There are several reasons as to why this is, ranging from a quick fix all the way to total engine replacement. Let’s dig deeper into possible causes that would trigger the check engine light.

  • Spark Plugs: Failed or failing spark plugs are one of the most common causes for an illuminated check engine light. Spark plugs deliver an electric current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber. From the combustion chamber, the electric current ignites the compressed fuel/air mixture, thus turning on the engine. If your spark plugs are failing, you may notice a rough idle, poor fuel economy or your vehicle may be hard to start.
  • Loose Gas Cap: A loose-fitting gas cap is another common cause for your check engine light to appear in your Porsche. The fuel cap is a key part for multiple reasons. It contributes to the safety factor of your vehicle by not allowing gas to flow back out as the gasoline is highly combustible. It also aids in helping the emission system to run as it should by not letting fuel vapors escape back out. If your gas cap is too loose, you may notice a pungent smell of gasoline. Another tell-tell sign is an illuminated check engine light on your dashboard.
  • O2 Sensor: The O2 sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of oxygen in gas exhaust in comparison to the atmosphere. The most common symptom of a bad O2 sensor is a sudden decrease in fuel economy. You may also notice engine misfiring, a rough idle, and your check engine light will appear.
  • Other Common Causes: Age, need for maintenance, vacuum leaks, ignition coils, and your MAF sensor.

Should you find yourself with an illuminated check engine light, do not panic. The first thing you should do is ensure the fuel cap is properly fastened. If this does not appear to be the problem and the check engine light does not go away, it is important to have a local mechanic read the code to determine the cause.

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