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Where to Take Your Car For a Pre-Purchase Inspection in Tempe

by admin July 8, 2021

When you consider the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, whether directly from a dealership or from an individual, a pre-purchase inspection is a relatively inexpensive inspection in comparison to the thousands of dollars of debt potentially placed upon you with a vehicle failure.

A pre-purchase inspection is an independent, third-party professional service that is used to evaluate a vehicle’s condition before a purchase offer is made or agreed upon. A detailed pre-purchase inspection is utilized among individuals to determine the cosmetic, mechanical, and structural safety and condition of a vehicle before signing an agreement and handing over money for the purchase.

It is recommended to have an independently-contracted mechanic perform a pre-purchase inspection when one is inquiring to purchase a used vehicle that no longer has warranty coverage or one that is being purchased from another city.

What is included in a pre-purchase inspection?

There are no set parameters of what is to be inspected and evaluated when receiving a pre-purchase inspection on an automobile you wish to purchase. These inspections range from a basic inspection that costs anywhere from $100 to $200 to an extremely-detailed inspection costing several hundred dollars more.

When purchasing an automobile from a dealership, the salesman can often provide you with a dealer inspection report, as this is a routinely completed part of the process. However, it is recommended to have a trusted third-party mechanic assess the structural integrity and condition of the vehicle to ensure no detail was missed.

The intended buyer will be held responsible for all accrued charges that come with a pre-purchase inspection, but it seems worth it in comparison to the potential of purchasing a vehicle that may break down or be deemed a total loss soon after your purchase is final.

A knowledgeable, highly-trained mechanic will have the proper tools and equipment to provide you with an exceptional pre-purchase inspection report. While there are no minimum standards set as to what is required to be inspected, you can expect your trusted professionals to provide you with accurate information leading you to a risk-free purchase.

Basic components commonly assessed within a pre-purchase inspection include a computer diagnosis and visual inspection of these systems:

  • engine and hoses
  • transmission
  • anti-lock braking system
  • airbags
  • suspension and struts
  • air conditioning and heating system
  • tire wear and brake system

A comprehensive mechanical inspection should be performed, along with an inspection of the steering, suspension, and brakes. There should also be a thorough check of the car’s VIN number for any previously-reported accidents or known flood damage as well as a road test and fluid levels check.

It is important to remember that more often than not, an extremely-detailed report will come at a higher up-front price tag than a standard or basic one, but has the potential to save you thousands in the long run.

McIlvain Motors Performs Pre-Purchase Services

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After decades in business, Joe McIlvain, son, and Charles Mcilvain, grandson, took over the family-owned business. After 87 years of operation, the original McIlvain Motors was closed following the death of Joe McIlvain, but in the years since, Scott McIlvain, the great-grandson of E.H McIlvain, established the McIlvain Motors that is currently in business today.

Scott began his love for the family business at an early age that eventually would lead him to extensive Porsche training and decades of experience. Scott went on to receive a Business degree at Arizona State University that only advanced his career and success as a business owner.

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