Porsche Camshaft Variator

Where Can You Solve Porsche Camshaft Variator Issues in Tempe?

by admin May 17, 2020

In order to give Porsche drivers an unforgettable motoring experience, your vehicle has a series of fine-tuned, highly-precise components that work together ensure that engine performance is powerful, handling is tight, efficiency is maximized, and driver enjoyment is second to none. All of these carefully-crafted parts rely on one another being in perfect working condition to perform at their best as a unit. One such part which helps make your Porsche incredible to drive is the camshaft variator, and it is easy to tell when this part fails due to the reduction in performance it causes. Let’s look at this issue more closely and find out why, when it comes to Porsche repair and servicing, McIlvain Motors is second to none.

The Role of the Camshaft Variator

The camshaft variator is part of the VVTS (Variable Valve Timing System). The camshaft variator is in charge of initiating the alteration process to ensure that the timing between the inlet and exhaust valves is perfectly synchronized.

Having perfect valve timing is essential in high-performance vehicles such as your Porsche because it fine tunes engine function. It increases overall engine performance by increasing gas mileage and reducing emissions.

When the camshaft variator fails, you’ll notice a huge drop in performance. This is likely to happen gradually, so you may be driving one day and find yourself wondering if your Porsche is performing less efficiently than expected. If left ignored, failure of the camshaft variator can have serious impacts for your entire vehicle. Let’s look at that next.

Common Signs that the Camshaft Variator has Failed

Noticing any of the signs below indicates an issue that needs diagnosing by a Porsche expert. However, problems may or may not be because of the camshaft variator, as each of these below symptoms can indicate a variety of issues.

Illumination of the Engine Management Light

The engine management light (EML), otherwise known as the check engine light, will illuminate if your Porsche’s onboard computer, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit,) detects discrepancies in engine function which could put the engine system at risk of damage. Because the camshaft variator works to enhance engine performance, when it fails, the drop in performance can cause the ECU to trigger the EML.

Rough Idling and Misfires

When the camshaft variator doesn’t work, the engine will idle roughly and misfire more frequently. This is because the timing of the inlet and exhaust valves will be out of sync, which will cause the rest of the engine’s timing to fall out of rhythm also.

Poor Gas Mileage

Logically, if the camshaft variator is responsible for increased gas mileage, when it doesn’t work, gas mileage will be decreased. This will leave you visiting the pumps more often and can be quite expensive in the long run.

Why Failure Occurs

There can be many reasons why a part may fail from poor care to simple time and use. In the case of camshaft variator, failure the common culprits are as follows:

  • failure of the VVT sensors
  • a jammed inlet or exhaust valve
  • a broken variator which prevents camshaft function
  • general wear and tear

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