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Ways to Deal with Manual Transmission Failure in Your Car

by admin October 31, 2021

No matter the make or model car you drive, it has gone through rigorous testing to meet minimum safety and performance standards. Over time, your manual transmission may experience failure for several reasons. Below you will learn more about manual transmissions, commonly reported problems, and ways to deal with manual transmission failure.

Manual Transmission vs Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission takes the guesswork out of shifting gears when accelerating and decelerating. Unlike an automatic transmission doing the work for you, a manual transmission requires the driver to physically shift the vehicle into higher and lower gears.

By using a clutch pedal and shifting knob, drivers can manually change gears to speed up, slow down, or go into reverse.

Most common manual transmission problems

Several issues can arise within the transmission system of your vehicle. Below are the most commonly-reported manual transmission problems among drivers.

  • Shifting delays: When shifting gears, it should be a smooth transition. When the gears get stuck, hesitate, or simply refuse to go into gear, this is a red flag that something is wrong with your transmission.
  • Odd noises: Strange noises beneath the hood can be the cause of many different things, however, buzzing, humming, or whining noises are often caused by a transmission issue.
  • Transmission fluid leak: Transmission fluid is bright red in color and has a sweet smell making it easiest to detect in the event of a leak. If you notice a fluid leak, dark fluid, or a burning smell, it is important to have your vehicle inspected and the fluid replaced as soon as possible.
  • Burning smell: Transmission fluid is designed to keep all parts of the transmission cooled and well lubricated. A transmission fluid leak leads to increased friction and engine overheating causing sludge and debris buildup within the transmission. As the fluid overheats, it produces a burning smell. You should pull over in a safe area and have your vehicle towed to an auto repair shop for a diagnostic inspection and the needed repairs.

How to Keep your Manual Transmission Running Smoothly

Manual transmissions require routine maintenance to ensure they function properly as well as allowing for early detection of any arising issues to prevent damage. In addition to regularly-scheduled service intervals, the following are recommendations for drivers to keep their manual transmission operating as it should.

Lift your foot fully off of the clutch pedal each time you shift gears. Failing to lift your foot all the way off of the clutch pedal is also known as “riding” the clutch. This puts additional strain on the clutch and gearbox, resulting in transmission damages.

Service the engine’s cooling system when necessary. The cooling system of an automobile keeps your vehicle from overheating. It also ensures that the transmission fluid which is continually pumped through the gearbox is cooled. Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system is imperative in preventing damage.

Have your transmission flushed regularly. Transmission fluid is designed to keep all parts of the transmission system lubricated and cooled for optimal performance. However, the fluid is subject to fluid leaks and accumulation of debris. You should have your transmission system flushed at least once per year to ensure the clean fluid is able to flow freely throughout.

Have a professional inspect your transmission yearly. Annual transmission inspection is important to detect any leaks or possible damage to the transmission and allows for preventative maintenance to be provided.

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