Porsche Low Coolant Warning

Tips to Detect Plastic Coolant Pipe Failure in Your Porsche

by admin July 25, 2022

While Porsche cars are extremely efficient vehicles, it’s very difficult to manufacture a perfect vehicle, even for one of the most popular and well-funded vehicle brands in existence. One particular problem Porsche owners have come across is a coolant pipe failure. The cooling system is one aspect of your Porsche’s functioning that is extremely crucial, especially in the hotter months of the year. In this article, we will discuss some warning signs of plastic coolant pipe failure and where to go for expert help.

What’s wrong with using plastic coolant pipes?

Some Porsche models, such as the early generation of Porsche Cayenne and Cayenne S models from 20032006 model years (V8 models only) were manufactured with cost-effectiveness in mind, utilizing black plastic coolant tubes. These coolant tubes have since proved inadequate and prone to fail prematurely due to insufficient heat resistance of the material. The plastic tubes enclosed in the “V” of the engine, underneath the intake manifold can’t handle the heat that they are subjected to from every side. As the liquid flows over the tubes, over time, the plastic material melts and becomes warped, causing coolant leaks.

Three Warning Signs to Detect Plastic Coolant Pipe Failure

  • Low Coolant Warning: Your first clue that something is wrong with your cooling system may be a low coolant warning in the instrument cluster when starting, driving, or shutting off the vehicle. If you see this warning, you should have the issue investigated right away.
  • Presence of Coolant Liquid Under the Car: The most obvious sign that the coolant tubes are leaking is to look for the presence of coolant fluid on the ground or garage floor. The coolant will have a slightly oily feel, a sweet smell, and is usually pink or green in color. If you ever find a significant amount of coolant on the ground, it is highly recommended that you don’t drive your vehicle but instead have it towed to a repair facility familiar with Porsche vehicles.
  • Problems with the Starter Motor: When the pipes leak coolant, it first fills up in the “V” in the center of the engine before becoming visible. Then, it spills down the rear of the engine and onto the starter, which can cause starting issues and ruin the starter altogether if not repaired immediately.

How to Avoid the Issue

In order to properly fix the issue of failing plastic coolant pipes, they must be replaced altogether with durable material. Thankfully, Porsche has developed a solution to this problem by updating these parts to aluminum. They offer this part to its drivers upon coolant pipe failure. However, we highly recommend you don’t wait for your coolant pipes to fail, as it can cause collateral damage to your engine if not addressed in a timely manner.

The failure of the original plastic pipes is less a matter of if they will leak and more a matter of when, but you can help to prevent coolant pipe failure by following these basic maintenance and repair guidelines:

  • Stay on top of recommended maintenance procedures and vehicle servicing recommended by the Porsche manufacturer, which includes maintaining the cooling system.
  • Keep the cooling system full of Porsche factory-grade coolant.
  • Keep the radiators clear of dirt and debris.
  • Repair any leaks or other issues in a timely manner.
  • Bring your Porsche to a German automotive specialist with experience addressing this issue.
  • Make sure your specialist attends to the cooling system.

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