Volkswagen Clutch Assembly

Things that can Hamper the Clutch Assembly of a Volkswagen

by admin July 3, 2020

With a vehicle as dependable as Volkswagen, it is important to keep all parts serviced and maintained, including the clutch assembly. If the clutch assembly is left in disrepair, you will immediately begin to experience negative driving issues. Knowing what symptoms point to the hampering of the clutch assembly will help you to know when to take your vehicle in to have it repaired quickly.

About the Clutch Assembly

The clutch assembly is the umbrella term to include all the different parts that make up the clutch system. Included in the clutch assembly are the clutch disc, the flywheel, the clutch cover assembly, the clutch release bearing, and the clutch release fork.

In simple terms, the flywheel is connected to the crankshaft, and the clutch cover assembly is connected to the flywheel. Located between the flywheel and the clutch cover assembly is the clutch disc. The clutch disc is connected to the input shaft of the transmission. In turn, the clutch release fork applies pressure to the clutch release bearing which is up against the spring of the clutch cover assembly.

When you come to a stop with the engine still running, all of these parts work together in order to interrupt the flow of energy that goes between the engine and the transmission. The clutch assembly is also responsible for disengaging and reengaging the transmission every time your Volkswagen changes gears.

Symptoms of a Failing Clutch Assembly

In order for your Volkswagen’s clutch assembly to function properly, there needs to be nothing hampering it. If there is something in the way or a part malfunctioning in the clutch assembly, then you will be able to see the effects throughout your Volkswagen.

One symptom that will indicate to you that your clutch assembly is not working is if there is a stuck gear. You will notice that there is an issue when you attempt to change into and out of reverse. A stuck gear could be due to a linkage malfunction. This means that the gear is not in its proper place in order for there to be a successful change.

A second sign that will let you know there is an issue with the clutch assembly of your Volkswagen is clutch slippage. This will result in the engine revving fast but your vehicle is not accelerating. This occurs because the clutch was unable to generate enough friction in order to complete the gear change. Friction is needed so the clutch can turn the flywheel. When a lack of friction, the hard amount of work will only produce a small amount of energy. Clutch slippage can be due to either a transmission leak or general wear and tear.

A third issue that can hamper the clutch assembly is lack of grip. This will produce noisy acceleration. The noisy acceleration occurs because the clutch is unable to maintain its grip on the flywheel. When the clutch loses its grip, you will hear the noise. This is due to general wear and tear that has happened from exposure to excessive heat or old age.

Repairing the Clutch Assembly

Whether your Volkswagen has a manual or automatic transmission, the clutch assembly is an important collection of parts required when driving. If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms that point to your clutch assembly being hampered, then it is time to bring your Volkswagen in for servicing.

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