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The Importance of PDK Transmission Service for Your Porsche

by admin August 25, 2021

There’s nothing like racing down the highway in your Porsche with the smooth transition from gear to gear as you shift your PDK transmission into faster speeds. It is mesmerizing. Yet, that serene feeling of bliss can be smashed to smithereens by the grinding and screeching of a locked-up gearbox. If you’re consistently neglecting your Porsche’s transmission, it will very likely fail at the worst time.

Your Porsche’s transmission is a crucial part of the vehicle itself. To understand what a PDK transmission is, you’ll also need to know why it is important to service it regularly.

Your PDK Transmission

The PDK, also known as the Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, is quite a unique design. The transmission, also known as a “Porsche double-clutch,” was designed in the 1980s for motorsports. It has become standard in most newer Porsche models in this day and age.

For the most part, this type of transmission operates similarly to other DTC in the automotive industry. The PDK is well-known for its design because it has two gearboxes merged into one that works together simultaneously. Its main feature is the hydraulically-operated wet clutch packs that lubricate the transmission and alternate power to the engine while utilizing two drive shafts. So, let’s say that once a gear is selected, the opposite gearbox chooses the next one. One clutch connects the reverse, first, third, fifth, and seventh gears, while the second clutch does the second, fourth, and sixth gears. The PDK design makes one clutch open while the other closes in real-time, making gear changes virtually unnoticeable.

In addition, the wet clutch mentioned before does not overheat so that engine parts are protected from damage by high temperatures. All of this helps keep the driving force in the wheels so that your Porsche doesn’t lose speed.

PDK vs. Manual

A PDK sounds a lot like a manual transmission, but that’s not the case at all. The PDK can deliver faster acceleration times than manual transmissions. This is because it was initially developed for racing, so quicker acceleration times and ergonomic shifting are part of its framework. You can also change gears using the sports steering wheel or drive in comfort using automatic mode. Here are some other key differences that set the PDK apart from manual transmissions.

  • enhanced comfort
  • lighter weight
  • lower fuel consumption

McIlvain Motors for Your PDK Service

It’s important to note that any service on the PDK requires using the Porsche factory-grade PIWISII scan tool. Any old shop won’t do. Porsche PDK Transmission Service You need a garage that can provide high-value Porsche service at an affordable price.

If you notice a decreased performance in your Porsche, it’s best to have it looked at by our professionals Porsche technicians at Mcilvain Motors. Ignoring any warning signs or skipping preventative maintenance can have catastrophic effects on your PDK transmission. The transmission uses both ATF or Automatic Transmission Fluid and Porsche 75W-90 clutch oil.

Often, there’s some confusion when maintenance calls for a “PDK Transmission oil change,” and a “PDK Transmission clutch oil change.” Many technicians would agree that if you’re performing one service, it is best to perform the other since each service has many overlapping parts. The PDK should change gears sharply and quickly, without hesitation. It needs regular fluid changes and software updates to keep it working in excellent condition. We assure you that our mechanics will take every step to properly maintain your Porsche. Here, your vehicle is in good hands.

Over time, the oil will lose the essential properties that allow it to perform its job. So, it must be replaced at regularly scheduled intervals or otherwise, depending on the environment where you drive the car. Frequent maintenance would also allow you to ensure that the PDK oil levels are correct. Overfilling can lead to increased pressures that eventually break seals. Underfilling can increase the wear on and tear on parts inside the transmission by the lack of lubrication.

The PIWISII scan tool is of great use here and will allow the technicians in our garage to activate the “oil-fill mode” to assist in this delicate process. The transmission filter will also lose its ability to filter out particles that could damage crucial parts. It’s also possible for the filter element to crack from prolonged use or neglect. Neglecting this type of service could lead to total PDK failure. Complete replacement is somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 dollars.

Protect your investment and let Mcilvain Motors help you avoid this worst-case scenario. We’ve served clients in and around Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, AZ for many years. It’s our pleasure to assist you in keeping your Porsche speeding down the road for years to come. Please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment.

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