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The Best Repair Shop in Tempe to Deal with Transmission Valve Body Failure in a Porsche

by admin August 9, 2021

When it comes to proper handling and gear changes, Porsches have a superior design that enables drivers to enjoy premium rides, but the transmission system that makes this possible isn’t immune to problems. If anything, the transmission valve body in a Porsche is often at the center of the many possible issues that may come up in your car.

The transmission valve body in your Porsche is part of the automatic transmission system that enables the smooth transition of gears. This it does by controlling the flow of transmission fluid into the valves for gear changes. This hydraulic fluid has to go through the transmission valve body at a certain pressure for the gears to respond. In a nutshell, the transmission valve body is what opens and closes as you issue gear shift commands to let hydraulic fluid in and out to effect the commands.

The transmission valve body works along with the other parts of the transmission to enable the smooth handling that most Porsche drivers enjoy at whatever speed. When the transmission valve body fails, the performance of your Porsche will decline significantly, and the solution is to either rebuild or replace the whole part.

Causes of Transmission Valve Body Failure

The failure of the transmission valve body in your Porsche can be brought on by a number of things. One of the leading causes of this failure is the contamination of hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid flowing through the transmission valve body needs to be pure and of a specific pressure. Dust particles sometimes find their way into the hydraulic fluid, causing it to lose its viscosity. The result of this loss is that the pressure in the hydraulic fluid is compromised, making it impossible for the fluid to prompt the opening and closing of the valves that enable gear changes.

Excessive friction from poor lubrication of the transmission valve body parts is yet another cause of valve body failure. The transmission valve body has smaller parts made of metal that work together to ensure the opening and closing of valves for hydraulic fluid to flow through. These parts need proper lubrication to work smoothly without the parts grinding against each other and wearing out. When the lubricant levels are low, these metal parts rub against each other and tiny bits start breaking off. These tiny bits then end up in the hydraulic fluid creating even further problems.

Other than these reasons, the regular wear and tear that most moving parts suffer also contributes to transmission valve body failure. This is why even with regular servicing, you’ll still need to replace the transmission valve body parts after covering a certain number of miles.

Signs of Transmission Valve Body Failure

There are certain signs that will point to a transmission valve body failure in your Porsche. One common sign that you’ll notice is that the gears will start slipping. This slipping is as a result of the clutch not engaging correctly. You may notice that while you’re accelerating your gears may shift downwards even without you prompting them to. This is due to the inconsistency of pressure in the hydraulic fluid causing you to lose speed. It can be dangerous to not have control of your transmission while driving on a busy highway.

Related to the loss of speed is the delayed response from the transmission system. You may find that when you issue an acceleration or deceleration command, the gears may take a while to execute or even jerk before picking up speed.

You may also notice some noises coming from the transmission especially when you’re changing gears. These noises come from the loose faulty parts of the transmission valve body like bad valves knock against others.

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