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The Best Repair Shop in Tempe for Tackling a Porsche Air Oil Separator Failure

by admin August 27, 2022

Porsche’s are renowned for their high performance and sleek design. Under the hood, however, there are a number of complex mechanisms that work together to make sure the Porsche runs like a dream. One of these is the air-oil separator. This system helps to keep the engine oil clean by separating out any water or contaminants that may be present. As a result, the engine oil is able to do its job more effectively, and the Porsche can run at its peak performance. Not only that, but the air-oil separator also helps to extend the life of the engine by preventing wear and tear on vital components. So next time you’re admiring your Porsche, take a moment to think about the air-oil separator and if it’s showing any signs of wear and tear.

Look for These Problems

Porsche vehicles are equipped with an air-oil separator (AOS) system that is designed to remove oil vapors from the engine’s crankcase ventilation system. Over time, this system can become less effective, leading to increased oil consumption and reduced performance.

There are several signs that may indicate an AOS failure, including increased oil consumption, blue or white smoke from the exhaust, and a decrease in engine power. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to have your Porsche examined by a qualified technician as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the engine.

Porsche has determined that on some of the affected vehicles, the air-oil separator was installed

incorrectly during production. As a result, there is a possibility of an engine oil leak. In the event of an engine oil leak, the engine may seize, increasing the risk of a crash.

Porsche has recalled certain model year 2017 Panamera vehicles manufactured February 2016 to August 2016. In the affected vehicles, the air-oil separator may have been incorrectly installed, possibly resulting in an engine oil leak. Porsche notified owners, and dealers replaced the air-oil separator free of charge.

Where is the AOS located?

Depending on your Porsche’s make and model, it is common for the AOS to be mounted near the firewall in front of the engine. Oftentimes, the air-oil separator will share the same space as the power steering fluid reservoir.

How often should the AOS be replaced?

Inspect your AOS every 30, 000 miles or as specified in your Porsche owner’s manual. If any cracks or leaks are present, replace it immediately.

Replacing an AOS is not difficult and can often be done without removing the entire air intake system; however, it requires that it be done correctly, or your entire Porsche engine may be at stake. This is why we recommend visiting us since we have certified mechanics who know your Porsche model and have the proper equipment to replace parts properly.

How does replacing my AOS improve my car?

Over time, your Porsche’s air-oil separator (AOS) can become clogged with oil, restricting airflow and causing engine performance issues. Replacing your AOS will help to improve airflow and restore your Porsche’s engine performance.

In addition, replacing your AOS can also help to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions by up to 50%, making it an essential part of Porsche’s commitment to environmental sustainability. As a result, replacing your Porsche’s AOS is a great way to improve its performance and keep it running at its best!

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