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Symptoms of a Pressure Accumulator Failure in Your Porsche

by admin December 21, 2021

The pressure accumulator is a vital component of a Porsche that could develop faults. It is made up of various components like valves, seals, chambers, hydraulic lines, pistons, pumps, etc. When any of these fail, several vehicle functions become limited. This is why it is important for every Porsche owner to understand how the pressure accumulator works and how to detect when it develops a fault.

What does your pressure accumulator do?

The pressure accumulator is a hydraulic-based component that can be found in various parts of your car which require fluid pressure to function, including the clutch, the air conditioner (A/C), fuel system, transmission, and suspension system. The pressure accumulator in these parts helps to store hydraulic pressure until it is needed. It further detects when these parts need pressure supply and does so in adequate proportion.

The accumulator saves pressure when your car performs movements that do not require much pressure supply. For example, in slow motion like reversing, slowing down to a park, or starting your car, your car does not require so much pressure. The pressure accumulator then saves this pressure for movements that your car requires more pressure for, like acceleration, gear change, or braking.

Pressure loss is the most common cause of pressure accumulator failure. Pressure loss is frequently the result of a leaking system with the valves, seals, and hydraulic lines being the most prevalent culprits of leaks or cracks. The accumulator’s ability to store pressure will be harmed by these leaks, limiting their overall function.

Symptoms of Pressure Accumulator Failure

When any component of a pressure accumulator on any part of your Porsche fails, you are likely to notice any of these:

  • Improper Brake or Clutch Function: When your brake or clutch takes an unusually long time to respond when your car is in operation, it is a symptom that a pressure accumulator in your Porsche might be suffering damage already or soon. This Is more dangerous when your car is in motion and as such, should not be overlooked.
  • Poor Air Supply of the A/C: The air conditioning in your Porsche is one of the parts that allows the pressure accumulator to function because it uses hydraulic pressure to supply cold air to your car. When you notice a decrease in the degree of cold air that your A/C supplies to your car, it most likely could be a result of a fault from the pressure accumulator. Also, when the air supply from your A/C does not saturate the whole vehicle, there might be a problem with the pressure accumulator.
  • Alerts from Engine and Brake Lights: Thankfully, your Porsche has a unique feature embedded in those beautiful lights that come on when you start your car or press your brake pedal. This feature will indicate a problem by turning on warning lights on your dashboard to alert you when there is a disruption in the function of any of those car parts or their components including the pressure accumulators. Do not overlook this warning sign, as it has detected a problem. Resolve this issue quickly so that it does not generate a bigger problem for your car.
  • Troubles with Suspension: The hydraulic pressure from accumulators in your Porsche is the reason you enjoy a smooth ride, as if there were no bumps on the road. If this accumulator develops a fault, driving could become burdensome as it would be difficult to maneuver road bumps without a healthy pressure supply to clutch and brakes. When this happens, your pressure has developed a fault.

The ultimate reason why your pressure accumulator may fail is pressure loss. This occurs when there is a leak in the system in the valves, seals, and hydraulic lines. This leak automatically reduces the capacity of the accumulator to store and supply adequate pressure to the concerned car part.

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