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Recognizable Signs of Wheel Misalignment in Your Car

by admin November 17, 2021

You may notice that your vehicle pulls heavily to one side as you drive. Wheel misalignment is a common cause for this steering mishap, and it only worsens with time. Wheel misalignment can also lead to uneven wear on the tires of your vehicle, a crooked steering wheel when your wheels are in a straight position, and constant squealing tires.

Not only are these occurrences annoying, but they can also become a major problem if left unaddressed. Even a small variance in the alignment of your vehicle can lead to substantial uneven tire wear and pulling to the side of the road. If you notice these issues in your vehicle, it may be time for a realignment.

Why is tire wear an indicator of misalignment?

Many often wonder what the condition of your tires means with respect to your vehicle’s alignment. In reality, it can be one of the first indicators that the alignment of your vehicle is off. When you go in to get a regular tire change or rotation, the technicians may notice one side of your tires is substantially more worn than another. This can happen between tires on opposite sides of the vehicle, tires on the front and back, or uneven wear across one specific tire.

Disadvantages of Tire Misalignment

If you find out your wheels are misaligned, what does that mean for your vehicle? Initially, you can resolve this issue by rotating your tires and continuing to rotate them as time goes on. If your tires are severely worn differently, you may even need a new set of tires with an associated alignment when they are put on.

Additional issues that may arise from tire misalignment may include:

  • excessive wear and tear on your tires
  • a shortened tire life up to thousands of miles
  • worsened fuel economy
  • more costly repair to tire components

In some circumstances, tire misalignment can be hazardous. It can cause your vehicle to pull severely to one side, making it hard to maintain centering in your lane while driving. Also, it could lead to faster wear down in your tires. When driving at high speeds on the highway, this can cause a tire to blow out and cause excessive damage to people or vehicles.

What To Do If Your Tires are Misaligned

Whether you notice your tires are misaligned or a technician brings it to your attention, there are a few fixes you can resort to. These solutions will depend on the amount of time and resources you have available.

Generally speaking, a tire rotation will fix the problem temporarily. However, if this causes problems with your driving on a long-term basis, tire replacement may be necessary. In some cases where tire misalignment is severe, you may have to completely replace one or more tires, as needed. As you can imagine, this is a more costly and time-consuming fix.

See McIlvain Motors for Wheel Misalignment Resolution

Fixing your misaligned wheels sooner rather than later is beneficial for your vehicle and passengers. Not only Car Wheel Alignment Check can it ensure your vehicle operates properly, gets acceptable fuel economy, and steers straight, but it can also protect passengers in your vehicle from serious mishaps that could occur from seriously worn tires. It can also save you time and money in the long run. Fixing one or two misaligned tires or getting them rotated will cost significantly less than an entirely new set of tires.

The professionals at McIlvain Motors can help direct you in the solution that is best for your vehicle when misaligned tires are detected. Our trained and experienced technicians are concerned with keeping your vehicle in great operating condition, as well as protecting the health of passengers and the wellbeing of your vehicle. We do so by serving the Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe areas of Arizona.

If you’re interested in having your vehicle evaluated for wheel misalignment or need help discussing options for tire alignment, get in touch with our professionals at McIlvain Motors at (480) 968-2858. Our convenient location in Tempe, Arizona makes it easy for drivers in surrounding areas to attain quality service for their vehicles. So, when you need a wheel alignment, leave it to the professionals at McIlvain Motors.