Volkswagen Exhaust System

Potential Volkswagen Exhaust System Issues

by admin February 7, 2020

Your VW needs a working exhaust system to run well and perform at its best. The exhaust system is also essential for your health and of those around you as well as for the environment. Exhaust issues can result in harmful gases being released into the environment instead of becoming safe emissions. Therefore, if you suspect your VW has issues with its exhaust, such as any of the signs listed below, don’t delay in seeking repairs.

Noisy Engine

Engine noise can happen for many reasons but can indicate an exhaust problem. Noises can be caused by a faulty exhaust manifold gasket.

Low Power and Poor Acceleration

Exhaust problems can really impact your entire car’s performance. Exhaust leaks will make your VW sluggish, and if left unresolved the issue will only become worse.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

With an exhaust problem, you can expect to visit the pumps more often. When dealing with any kind of part failure, your VW has to work much harder than before to perform normally. This will result in the increased consumption of fuel.


Your VW’s exhaust system is made from an assortment of metal parts, so rust is always a potential issue. Rust in the exhaust system needs to be caught early as it can spread rapidly, creating holes and eating away at entire parts.

Burning Smell

Burning smells should always be treated a serious issues. In regards to your exhaust system, they can be caused by fluid leaks, such as oil or coolant, or the melting of plastic parts inside your VW.

Loose Parts

As the exhaust system is exposed to a lot of movement as you drive, the parts can start to wear out over time. Rust, impacts from the road, poor maintenance, or just wear and tear can all cause parts of the exhaust system to become loose. This issue may be a minor bolt or a more severe issue, so it is best to have the professionals make assessments.

Wear and Tear

Given time, and often sped up by incorrect maintenance, your exhaust system can start to show signs of wear and tear. Parts of the exhaust system that are likely to fail with age include the exhaust manifold as well as the oxygen sensor. The exhaust manifold is responsible for taking the toxic gases away from the engine and out to the catalytic converter, where they can be turned into safe emissions. When the manifold fails, the gases can enter the engine again or escape into the body of the car creating a dangerous situation for all.

The oxygen sensor is needed to measure how much oxygen is present in the system and help the fuel system adjust its air/fuel ratio accordingly. If these sensors begin to fail, then you’ll notice your fuel consumption increases.


Blockages in the exhaust system can occur for a variety of different reasons. They can be caused by the build up of soot and carbon from burning fuel or become clogged due to debris that has built up over time. A minor blockage is usually naturally expelled by the system, but a more substantial clog can start to impact upon the performance of your exhaust system.

Unless the blockage is substantial, the signs and symptoms of this issue can be a struggle to notice. A chugging noise can be a good indicator that something has gotten into the system that should not be there. You will likely also notice that your VW starts to run sluggishly and will really struggle when in high gear. You may also notice engine revving as well as poor gas mileage.

If you become aware of a rotten egg smell, as well as engine spikes, then you may be dealing with a blockage in the catalytic converter. This will need to be addressed immediately to preserve the expensive and essential system.

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