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Let the Experts in Tempe Solve Your Car’s AC System Issues

by admin September 2, 2020

Mechanical issues with your reliable vehicle can be a headache. In hot Tempe, however, issues with the air conditioning system of a car can be more than just troublesome. To ensure a comfortable ride and the safety of your passenger, take your vehicle in when you experience AC problems.

Common Causes of Problems with the AC system

In your vehicle, there is a belt that allows the air conditioning refrigerant to pump through the AC module. When the refrigerant goes through this system, it is pressed against a valve that lowers the pressure and temperature. As the refrigerant nears the passenger compartment, it goes through the evaporator and comes out in the form of cool, crisp air.

When you can’t cool your cabin on demand, take a look at the list below for some of the more common reasons why your AC system isn’t working as expected.

Low Refrigerant Level

The level of your refrigerant diminishes by an estimated 15 percent each year, depending on the model of your car. If there is no refrigerant circling through the vehicle, then there is nothing pumping through the AC system.

Faulty Evaporator

It is entirely possible that your evaporator can malfunction. Within this tool are two components: a coil and a core. When there is a disconnect between these two parts, a leak can occur where refrigerant can escape. This may cause lighter air flow or even air moisture.

Bad Air Conditioner Compressor Belt

When you turn your vehicle on, the air conditioner belt is the component that allows the AC compressor (responsible for compressing refrigerant) to connect to the crankshaft. The compressor utilizes this power to turn the belt. A belt that has completely broken or has nicks out of it can cause a disconnect between these two parts, which will result in a non-functioning AC system.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning AC System

Fortunately for any driver, there are a few obvious signs that the AC system in your car is faulty should be taken in to be serviced.

Moist Air Flow

If the air in your car does not feel crisp and cold, that is a sign that something may be wrong with the evaporator in your vehicle. That moisture in the air is residue particles that never got converted from the liquid to gaseous state. This can result in a muggy feeling inside the cabin of your vehicle. It is a sign to take your car into a shop for repairs.

Lack of Airflow

Having no air whatsoever flowing through the vents of your car is, perhaps, the most obvious sign of all. However, it is also the hardest to identify the cause of at a glance because it could be due to any of the AC’s components. Look for other signs when this occurs, and make sure your AC system is actually turned on instead of set to heat or circulating outside air.

Leaking Fluid

Out of all the symptoms, this is the most dangerous. Refrigerant is not a healthy chemical in its liquid form. It is harmful to the environment and dangerous to your engine. Seeing refrigerant leaking from your vents is reason to take your vehicle in immediately or you risk losing the engine performance you enjoy daily.

Squeaking Noises From the AC

The AC compressor belt mentioned earlier is arguably the most crucial component of the entire system. If it has cracks or ridges within it, you will likely hear an annoying squeaking or scratching sound from within the AC system. Do not hesitate to take your car in for repairs when this occurs, as a blown compressor belt ruins the whole system.

Why McIlvain Motors is the Best Solution

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