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Importance of Brake Repairs in Cars by Auto Experts of Tempe

by admin June 16, 2020

The braking system in your car is one of the most crucial safety features to maintain. The consequences of neglecting maintenance and leaving brake issues unresolved can be disastrous to yourself and others. It is your duty as a driver to have your brakes repaired when needed.

In this article, you are going to learn why brakes are important, how to recognize signs of brake failure, why the brakes do fail, and what you can do to resolve the issue before it’s too late.

The Braking System: How It Works

Many drivers have a simplistic view of how brakes work. The purpose of the brake is to slow or stop your car, but the system is more complex than the definition leads drivers to believe. It is a series of parts that work together to achieve this goal.

Your braking system relies on discs and pads to stop the car by creating friction against the brake and the road. This stops the wheels from moving when you push down the brake pedal. This can only happen if you have the proper amount of brake fluid (also known as hydraulic fluid.)

When any part of this system is worn down or failing, you have to have them repaired before your brakes are destroyed.

Why Brakes Are Important

Brakes are important because they stop your car from moving, of course. All drivers know that. What you may not think of, though, is what can happen if they fail to do their important job. There are consequences to not having your brakes repaired when you notice them failing.

Most importantly, brake failure can cause accidents that result in injury or death of yourself and others. If you can’t stop your car in time to avoid a jaywalker or another driver that suddenly slams on their brakes, you are going to cause an accident and endanger lives.

Brakes are also important to maintain because, even if they still perform less than optimally, worn brakes can slow your reaction time if you need to prevent an accident. Well-maintained brakes allow you to stop quickly and keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Failing brakes can cause damage to other parts of your car. You may not get hurt physically, but extensive repairs will hurt you financially. Brake repairs are considerably more affordable than the alternative.

Recognizing Signs of Brake Failure

As your brake pads or discs wear down and your braking system begins to malfunction, you are bound to notice significant changes in your driving performance. We’ve listed some of the most common signs below:

  • You won’t be able to stop as quickly as you could. This is because the brake pads are losing traction and can’t create enough friction and resistance to slow the wheels.
  • Your car will make noises when you try to brake. This can present itself as a rattling, grinding, or squealing This is an obvious sign that you need to take your vehicle in for repairs as soon as possible.
  • Your car may vibrate or lurch when you come to a stop. This is because your brake pads are losing their traction and aren’t able to grip the road as well.

Preventing Brake Failure

The best way to prevent brake failure is to take your car into an auto shop for regular inspection and maintenance. Experienced mechanics will be able to spot the problem and help you address the issue before driving becomes dangerous.

Pay attention to your driver’s manual. Most manufacturers recommend that you check up on your brakes every 10,000-13,000 miles. Have your brake fluid replaced as needed.

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Car Brake Repair

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