BMW Ignition Lock Failure

Ignition Lock Failure in BMWs in Tempe

by admin August 4, 2019

Owning a BMW is an achievement and a luxury. BMWs are made to be unique and perform at a higher level than most other vehicles. When you purchase a BMW, you will leave the dealer’s lot knowing that your vehicle is reliable, sleek, elegant, and fun to drive.

Each BMW is made to stand out and it is a vehicle that you can be proud of for years to come. After owning your BMW for an extended period of time, there are chances that different parts will begin to fail. One of the parts that you will have to keep an eye on is the ignition lock. Below you will find out more information as to what the ignition lock is and the signs pointing to ignition lock failure.

What is the Ignition Lock

The ignition lock is a part of the ignition, but it is different than the ignition switch. The ignition lock is the part where the key is inserted. Every ignition lock is different and only the right key will fit into the hole. The ignition lock can be compared to the lock that is on your front door. The difference between the two is that a house lock will unlock the door via a bolt. When the ignition lock is turned in your vehicle, it rotates the ignition switch.

The ignition switch is that part of the ignition that contains 3 positions. These positions are the off position, the accessory position, and the run position. The off position is also known as the lock position and, when engaged, it indicates that your BMW is powered off. The accessory position allows your BMW to use the electrical accessories, such as the radio, but not the engine. The run position gives you full use of your BMW and means that you are ready to drive away. In order for these positions to be engaged, it is the ignition lock that needs to function first.

Signs of a Failing Ignition Lock

The first sign that your BMW ignition lock is failing is when the key will not turn once it has been inserted into the ignition. This is the most common sign pointing to ignition lock failure. If the ignition lock does not turn, then it is possible that there may be debris inside of the mechanism. One way to check for debris is by using a flashlight. If you see something, you can attempt to blow it out by using a can of compressed air with the straw attachment. If you do not have compressed air readily available then you can try to slide the key in and out of the ignition lock to loosen any debris stuck in the mechanism.

The second sign pointing to an ignition lock failure in your BMW is if you are having a hard time turning the key. It may take a couple of times to get the key fully turned or you find yourself fiddling with the key trying to find a certain position where the key will turn. This should indicate to you that there is an issue with the components inside of the ignition lock. The springs inside of the ignition lock need to be aligned a certain way so that they match up with the grooves of your key. The difficulty turning could indicate that these springs are misaligned or they have been worn down to a point where they no longer line up with the key.

Time to Service your BMW

Although ignition lock failure may not be dangerous, it is certainly inconvenient and a necessary part in the functionality of your BMW. Without the ignition lock working properly, you will not be able to drive your BMW because you will be unable to turn the vehicle on. One quick way to see if you can find the solution BMW Ignition Lock Failure Fix to the ignition lock issue on your own is by using your spare key. If the spare key works then you know it was just the key that needs replacing. If the spare key does not work then it is time to bring your BMW in for an inspection and servicing.

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