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Identifying Malfunctioning Components in the Cooling System of Your Car from Experts in Tempe

by admin January 7, 2022

Of all the components that were designed to help your car function at its best, the engine’s cooling system is one of the most important. The cooling system regulates and controls the overall temperature of your engine bay, preventing its vital moving parts from overheating while it’s running under extreme conditions.

The cooling system is made up of five major parts, and they include:

  • The cooling fan: The cooling fan is found at the front of your vehicle. It is activated whenever the coolant becomes too hot, and it deactivates immediately after the coolant cools down.
  • The radiator: The primary function of the radiator is to reduce the temperature of the coolant by transferring it to the cooling fan.
  • The water pump: The water pump helps to circulate the coolant around the engine.
  • The thermostat: The thermostat monitors and regulates the overall temperature of the cooling system.
  • The coolant: The coolant is a colorful fluid responsible for retaining the heat from the engine and transferring it to the air in the radiator to be cooled and recirculated.

If any of the parts mentioned above develops a fault, the cooling system might stop working.

Common Reasons Why Your Vehicle Cooling System Malfunction

The components of the cooling system of your car can develop faults for any of the following reasons.

Faulty water pumps

Your engine is constantly exposed to extreme temperatures, and that is why it relies on the water pump to cool it regularly. Several hoses are connected to your car’s water pump to transfer water to the engine for cooling. If the pump fails, then the cooling system fails too, causing your engine to overheat.

When your engine overheats, it could cause damage to other parts of your vehicle. Hence, whenever you notice that the temperature of your engine is higher than usual, by monitoring the dashboard gauge, call a mechanic to have it examined.

Faulty thermostat

As mentioned, the thermostat is responsible for regulating your engine’s temperature. It is also responsible for controlling the amount of coolant flowing into the engine through the radiator.

The thermostat will experience natural wear and tear after a long period of use which causes it to fail. When it becomes faulty, it will no longer cool the engine when it gets hot, causing your engine to overheat. If the thermostat is not fixed urgently, the engine might develop irreparable faults.

Leaking radiator hoses

The radiator is the cooling device that lowers the temperature of the coolant in the engine after it has absorbed heat. Hoses are connected to the radiator, which transfers the coolant around the engine. The radiator of your car is prone to natural wear and tear and might require replacement. Hence, when any of the hoses start leaking, it will no longer cool the engine. The engine will overheat, and its overall performance will be compromised and your car will be in jeopardy of catastrophic engine failure.

Frozen coolants

If you park your car for a long time under low-temperature conditions, the coolant may freeze. Frozen coolant causes the cooling system to fail since it can no longer flow freely to cool the heated engine. When the coolant freezes, several parts of the engine in your vehicle will develop faults, and the engine might fail due to overheating as it warms up and becomes hot. Hence, before driving your car in winter weather, ensure the coolant unfreezes and can flow freely to cool down the engine bay.

McIlvain Motors Can Fix Your Cooling System

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