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Expert Auto Shop in Tempe for Your Porsche Boxster’s Annual Maintenance Schedule

by admin September 27, 2021

Porsche models are high-performance sports vehicles that have different maintenance requirements than standard vehicles. An annual maintenance schedule is imperative for this type of car since they are susceptible to certain types of problems other vehicles won’t experience.

Boxsters require a high level of care to keep them running their best, which is understandable for such a prestigious coupe. Porsche Boxster owners should protect their investment and commit to a thorough annual maintenance schedule at a reputable dealership with experience in Porsche vehicles. Let’s take a deeper look at what kind of service your Porsche Boxster should be getting on an annual basis.

Types of Annual Maintenance Your Porsche Boxster Needs

A yearly maintenance regimen for a Porsche is quite specific as it requires extensive care and intricate inspection to keep your precision engine running at its best and prevent any issues in its functionality. Here are a few common maintenance services a knowledgeable Porsche repair shop will know to perform:

  • Engine Services: Changing the oil filter, air filter, and replacing the engine air filter is commonplace. Replacing spark plugs is also routine.
  • Brake Evaluation: Replacing your brake fluid is a preventive measure that is followed up with an inspection of the brake pads, hose, and discs.
  • Power Train Components Inspection: Other areas of your powertrain that will need to be evaluated include the steering gear and axle, the radiator and air inlet, and the battery.
  • Functional Components: Areas like coolant levels, the sunroof drain, and windshield wipes should also be inspected or replaced regularly.
  • Tires: Tires are responsible for your Boxster’s traction. All tires should be evaluated for wear and tear, holes, or weak areas to keep your cornering and driving enjoyment at its best.

Cost of Annual Maintenance Versus Repairs

We are all busy, and servicing our vehicle is one of the last things on our minds on a regular basis. However, oftentimes the cost and inconvenience in investing in annual maintenance outweigh the costly repairs you could incur from improper maintenance of your Porsche Boxster. Common issues that could arise from inadequate maintenance include:

  • oil leaks
  • coolant loss
  • cracked cylinders
  • stretched timing chains
  • engine tick

Of course, some of these repairs are easier and cheaper than others, but all of them require time and effort to correct. So, following an annual maintenance schedule can truly pay off in the long run.

Annual Maintenance Schedule Services For the Porsche Boxster

In addition to various inspections and parts replacements during your Boxster’s annual maintenance appointments, there are a few services that should be regularly performed.

  • Oil Change: You should read your vehicle’s owner’s manual for guidance on how often you should have your oil changed and what type of oil to put in your Boxster. Regular oil changes ensure your components stay well lubricated and functioning.
  • Tire Rotation and Alignment: Whether you drive your Boxster frequently or it stays in storage for special occasions, your tires can become unevenly worn which can cause stress on your Porsche as you drive it. Rotating your tires and aligning them, if needed, can help.
  • Windshield Wiper Blade Change: This may seem like an easy task, but you will only notice your windshield wipers are worn when it is raining and too late to keep your windshield clear. Don’t wait until you are in a downpour to tackle this easy maintenance issue.

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* Porsche Boxster Car image credit goes to: Eric Bascol.