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Damage Done to Your Porsche by a Faulty Knock Sensor

by admin January 9, 2021

Voted as one of the world’s favorite sports cars, it’s no secret that Porsches come with stunning designs and excellent performance levels. So, if your Porsche is having issues with a faulty knock sensor, it’s important to get it checked out by a team of certified mechanics as soon as you suspect a problem.

Causes of a Faulty Knock Sensor

If your Porsche has a faulty knock sensor, it could be due to a lot of different reasons, including using cheap gasoline. Typically, it’s because of improper handling by an auto shop that isn’t familiar with Porsches. It could be due to a bump with a wrench, inappropriate removal during repairs, or something similar. If you are careful with the knock sensors, they should last the lifespan of the engine.

The knock sensor is a crucial element of your Porsche to keep it at its optimal function. The sensor plays a major role in protecting your engine from internal damage. If you notice any signs or symptoms of a faulty knock sensor, it’s vital that you contact an expert auto repair facility for immediate quality service. This is easy to diagnose and replace.

What are some of the symptoms of a faulty knock sensor?

The purpose of the knock sensor is to send warning signals to the vehicle’s computer. Knock sensor malfunctions can cause extensive engine damage, so take notice if your vehicle is displaying any of the following symptoms.

  • Check engine light illuminates on your dashboard: This is one of the main indicators of a bad knock sensor. Although there are many reasons for the check engine light to turn on, if your Porsche has a faulty knock sensor, your check engine light will notify you something is wrong.
  • Slow acceleration: If there is a malfunction with the knock sensor, then it can no longer aid the engine control unit, causing the engine performance to suffer and slow acceleration.
  • Thumping sounds from the engine: These sounds come as a result of pre-ignition or knock. They can be pretty loud. The sounds are from small combustions due to the air-fuel mixture occurring at incorrect timings. If the issue goes unaddressed, these sounds will continue to increase. These combustions actually cause damage until the problem is resolved.
  • Low gas mileage: There are a number of factors that can cause this symptom. However, if low gas mileage is found in addition to the check engine light being on, slow acceleration, or thumping sounds from the engine, it is likely due to a faulty knock sensor. If your ignition timing is off, it can impact more than just your vehicle’s power. It can cause unnecessary ignition or a knock which can lead to lower gas mileage.
  • Jerks and drags: If your knock sensor is malfunctioning and left unrepaired, it can lead to permanent engine damage. The car can begin to jerk and drag while you’re driving, which can be extremely dangerous and potentially cause an accident. This can also be accompanied by a burning smell, which is a clear sign of damage to the engine.

To ensure your safety and prevent further problems with your Porsche, you should not be driving until it is repaired by certified mechanics who understand the intricacies of your model.

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