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Common Symptoms of Issues in Your Fuel Delivery System

by admin November 22, 2020

We’ve all been there: You’re driving down the road, when you notice that your car isn’t running right. Maybe it’s misfiring, maybe you don’t have enough power, but either way, you can tell it isn’t good.

There’s a chance that if you’re experiencing either of the above, your car has problems with its fuel delivery system. The fuel delivery system in modern vehicles is pretty expansive, so there are a wide range of things that may go wrong with it. We’ve written this article to list some of the common symptoms of issues in your fuel delivery system.

As a cautious and responsible driver, it’s important to always keep an eye on your car’s performance. There’s no way that we can accurately diagnose your vehicle without seeing it in person, so if you notice any of the issues listed in this article, we recommend that you visit a trusted mechanic, like those at McIlvain Motors, as soon as possible.

The Fuel Delivery System

There are several different types of fuel delivery systems that may be used in your car, depending on make and model. Check your owner’s manual to see if you have a conventional, pulse-modulated or direct-injection fuel delivery system.

The gas tank, all the fuel lines, the fuel filters, fuel pump, the fuel metering components and the fuel injectors all make up the fuel delivery system. Their purpose is to store fuel, beginning with the fuel tank, and transport it to the engine for ignition, where it is squirted into the cylinder by the fuel injectors.

Common Symptoms of Fuel-Delivery Issues

When you’ve got an issue with the fuel delivery system, it can be traced back to one of the parts that are listed in the section above. However, narrowing down to exactly the part is difficult because the symptoms may be the same. Keep this in mind when trying to analyze your car’s fuel delivery issues.

  • Engine Misfiring: An engine misfire occurs when the combination of fuel, air, and spark in combustion are not in balance. Problems with any part of the fuel delivery system can cause this.
  • Decreased Gas Mileage: If your car is getting less and less miles per gallon, it could be caused by an inefficiency in the fuel delivery system, caused either by dirty fuel injectors or a clogged fuel filter. Poor fuel efficiency is often the result of inefficiencies in other engine systems as well.
  • Hesitation: Hesitation occurs when there is a delay between when you depress the accelerator and when your car accelerates. This is often caused by a dirty or clogged fuel filter that limits the amount of fuel that can enter the engine at one time to power your vehicle.
  • Clicking or Whining Noises: A good driver needs to not only pay attention to how his car feels, but also to how it sounds. If you notice a loud, electrical clicking or whining sound, even while you are idling, the fuel delivery system is likely to blame. Have a mechanic check out your fuel pump, which is likely the source of the noise.

Causes of Fuel Delivery System Issues

In a best-case scenario, the problem can be solved just by simply changing the type of gasoline that you use. However, this won’t always be the case.

Most often, the problem is that the fuel filter has become clogged with dirt and other contaminants and is restricting the flow of fuel.

Another possible cause is a buildup of dirt or grime on the fuel injectors that causes them to lose strength. They may even remain permanently open or closed.

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