Porsche Suspension System

Common Reasons for Suspension Problems in Your Porsche

by admin September 18, 2020

The design of the Porsche, from its turbocharged engine to its state of the art suspension system, deserves the best in service and maintenance. Regular care and service by trained Porsche experts only will ensure that your car’s systems continue to function at the highest capacity. Your Porsche’s suspension system is one feature that should be maintained regularly. Avoid any issues before they can impact your car and your finances.

The Suspension System in Your Porsche

The suspension system includes everything from the air in your tires to the shock absorbers. It ensures that your vehicle’s wheels work together with the tires and the road to allow for smooth and safe handling. It suspends your car above the road while driving, and keeps the shock from the continuous pressure of hard surfaces and long distances from damaging your Porsche.

Suspensions also include components such as springs, struts, and dampers, all of which work in harmony to adjust to the road and the impact of driving. The suspension system in your Porsche has the vital task of protecting the car from damage resulting from tough driving conditions or even everyday use over time as mileage adds up. The suspension system bears the weight of the vehicle as your drive. It is designed to adjust to the ride as you drive.

Your Porsche is also equipped with PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management). This brilliantly-designed component is a large part of why the experience of driving a Porsche is so unforgettable.

Mainly, the PASM is designed to make automatic adjustments to the suspension of the automobile as you drive. These adjustments make for an incredibly smooth ride along with more exceptional performance overall. The system controls the force applied to the wheels as the car is in motion. It changes depending upon the driving surface and the type of driving with dashboard controls that the driver can select based on preference.

Reasons for the Suspension Problems in Your Porsche

There are several common reasons for suspension problems in your Porsche. Given how central the suspension system is to the health and performance of your Porsche, any severe damage would be detrimental.

On the bright side, these suspension issues carry warning signs that can help you detect when it’s time to bring your Porsche in for service. If you recognize any of the following symptoms in your Porsche, don’t hesitate to bring it to an expert technician right away.

First, you may notice that it’s difficult to steer the car while driving, obviously a serious concern that should be looked into quickly, as it can mean that there is an issue with the struts that keep the formation of the suspension intact.

You may also notice that the vehicle seems to veer to one side or the other while driving. This is also a safety issue, so bring your Porsche in as soon as possible. This veering can indicate an issue with the suspension. It might also originate in another system or component of the car, which is why it is worth getting checked by an auto technician who understands suspensions and Porsche systems.

Lastly, the suspension might be in trouble if you notice that the car appears to be riding lower than usual, a sign that the springs in the suspension system need replacing.

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