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Common Issues With Volkswagen’s ABS Module

by admin October 28, 2019

Volkswagen is a German auto manufacturing juggernaut with a history not only of producing pop culture icons like the Beetle and Campervan, but they also create safe, reliable, durable vehicles, like the Volkswagen. They are known as the “car for the people,” and are one of the safest vehicles on the road. One of the most reliable features in Volkswagen vehicles is the ABS module. In this article, we will take a closer look at the ABS system, learn how to spot common issues, and discuss where to go for help with repairs.

What is the ABS module?

ABS is an acronym for the Anti-lock Braking System. The ABS module is a high-tech system that uses a variety of microprocessors which extrapolate real-time data. This data is then used to identify with exact precision the moment your Volkswagen loses handling, control, or traction. Once this is identified, the module is able to apply or release the brakes to specific wheels. This  prevents them from skidding or locking.

Each year, thousands of accidents are prevented by the ABS module and thousands more are caused by vehicles without this vital system, or worse, those with a ABS system that has malfunctioned. Because of this, it is recommended that all new vehicles include an ABS system. It is hoped that in just a few short years, accidents caused by wheel locking, skidding, and loss of traction will be greatly reduced due to this system in place.

It goes without saying that a working ABS module is essential to ensuring your vehicle is as safe possible each time you hit the road.

Common ABS Issues

There are 4 key signs of ABS faults which are as follows:

1. Brake Locking Problems

The overarching purpose of your ABS module is to prevent your wheels from locking. If you notice you wheels start to lock when you brake hard, this means that your ABS module has developed faults which are preventing it from making correct readings and assessments. It is essential that you don’t ignore this problem since it means your car is potentially unsafe and at risk of causing accidents instead of preventing them.

2. Illumination of ABS Light

Because it is such an important system, if your Volkswagen’s onboard computer (OBD) detects faults with the ABS module, then it will trigger a warning light on your dashboard. However, older cars with ABS systems may not have this warning light. Instead, the OBD will illuminate the check engine light instead. Either way, a warning light on your dashboard shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Unresponsive Brake Pedal

Probably the scariest symptom on this list, if you notice your brakes become unresponsive or are intermittent in their function, you more than likely have an ABS fault. This issue may start out as minor, with your brakes needing more pressure to work or several presses of the pedal, but this issue will only get worse. Your brakes are the number one safety feature of your vehicle, so it is essential you seek repairs at the first sign of problems.

4. Speedometer Failure

A faulty ABS module can also cause your speedometer to stop working. This can happen in two ways, either the needle won’t move away from 0, or an incorrect speed will show, such as 20mph when driving faster on a highway. This issue needs to be addressed swiftly, as it can cause you to speed without realizing. Speeding, as you know, can result in costly fines and even criminal charges, so a simple trip to your mechanic can save you lots of hassle.

Is your Volkswagen still safe to drive?

Any mechanic worth their salt will tell you that while an ABS module won’t stop your car from working, it will make driving it very unsafe. This is because the ABS module can impact your vehicle’s speed and its brake performance, creating a potentially deadly cocktail. Therefore, as soon as you notice as problem, if it is safe to do so, slowly drive your vehicle to the nearest repair shop, or better still, call a recovery vehicle.

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