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Call the Experts to Replace the Thermostat Housing of Your Car in Tempe

by admin November 3, 2022

If your car is constantly overheating, you may have a bad thermostat housing. A faulty housing can lead to a coolant leak and engine damage. Do not wait to have your issue diagnosed. Instead, call the experts at McIlvain Motors for a proper vehicle inspection.

The thermostat housing is an important part of your car. It is a protective case that is often located between the radiator and the engine. It acts as a coolant outlet. Coolant usually flows out of the thermostat housing through a long tube. The thermostat that regulates the flow is in the housing.

Symptoms of a Faulty Thermostat Housing

The thermostat housing is an important part of your vehicle. It must be in good shape for your vehicle to run properly. As it ages, it can experience damage and fail. Common symptoms of a faulty thermostat housing include.

  • Engine Overheating: The thermostat housing helps to circulate coolant. If it fails, coolant can leak out. When the coolant level is low, there will not be enough to keep the engine cool. This leads to an overheating engine. If your engine ever overheats, pull safely off the side of the road and turn your vehicle off. Continuing to drive it can lead to permanent engine damage and possible failure.
  • Leaking Coolant: Then the housing is damaged, coolant can leak out. If the coolant leak is small, you may only notice coolant near the housing or on nearby hoses. If it is a large leak, there may be a puddle of coolant located on the ground under your car. Coolant can be distinguished from other liquids by its bright color and sweet smell.
  • Erratic Temperature Readings: The thermostat is located in the housing. If there is an issue, the thermostat can start giving erratic readings.

Preventing Thermostat Housing Failure

Thermostat housings often fail due to everyday wear and tear. Housings are made from plastic and due to excessive heat. They can become weak and fail. If the thermostat housing in your vehicle is already damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Things you can do to help prevent thermostat housing failure:

  • Routine Vehicle Maintenance: Routine maintenance is critical for helping to keep your vehicle in top running shape. It also gives your mechanic the chance to see any issues before they turn into major problems.
  • Replace the Housing When You Replace the Thermostat: If you ever need to replace the thermostat, it is a good idea to replace the housing at the same time.

Although you can drive your car with a damaged thermostat housing, we do not recommend you do so. The housing is a critical component that helps keep the engine cool. If it fails, your engine can overheat and experience complete failure.

When the thermostat housing is damaged, it can leak coolant. This coolant is vital for cooling the engine. If there is not enough coolant, the engine can overheat, and you can break down, which can lead to a serious accident.

In some cases, your car may notice there is a problem and to warn you, it may go into limp mode. When it goes into limp mode, it will turn off all unnecessary features and slow the car down. This can also be dangerous. If your car ever goes into limp mode, pull it off the side of the road and call for a tow truck to bring you to a safe location with a local garage.

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When you choose McIlvain Motors, you will get the best service from the beginning Car Thermostat Housing to the end of your visit. We make sure we do everything to make your experience positive. Our expert mechanics will talk to you about your vehicle’s condition, so you can make the final decision on repairs and replacement. We will never try to upsell you, as customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

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