Dead Porsche Battery

Best Go-to Shop in Tempe to Replace Your Porsche’s Dead Battery

by admin June 7, 2022

Porsche models are carefully crafted and engineered by some of the best car designers in the world. Although the quality parts are used during manufacturing, they are still very susceptible to natural wear and tear. One of the Porsche components that will most certainly require replacement after an extended period of use is the battery.

Ideally, most batteries are expected to last between three to five years. However, your driving habit and climatic conditions could significantly impact the battery lifespan. Keep reading as we discuss the causes and probable symptoms indicative of a dead battery.

Causes of Dead Porsche Battery

The battery plays a critical role in your vehicle’s smooth running. If the battery dies, its capacity to provide the starter motor and electrical system with electrical energy required for your vehicle’s smooth running is impacted. Without the battery power, your Porsche’s engine will not run. Let’s look at the most common causes of a dead battery:

  • Electrical components left running: Oftentimes, leaving electrical components running after turning off the engine is usually the primary cause of a dead battery. You may forget to turn off the headlights or properly close the door, which drains the battery while the interior lights are on. By the time you try starting your vehicle the following day, you will notice that the battery is dead. After parking, you want to ensure that you switch off any electrical system that may drain your battery.
  • Failed alternator: After every start cycle, the alternator supplies energy to the battery while the engine is running to recuperate the lost charge. Besides recharging the battery, the alternator also provides electric current to the vehicle’s electrical components. However, when the alternator fails, the battery will have to supply the electrical components with power, and without the alternator power to recharge, the battery will eventually die. Usually, a faulty alternator triggers the battery warning indicator on the dashboard to alert the driver of the situation.
  • Climatic conditions: Extreme temperatures affect your battery performance and longevity. Cold temperatures drain a battery charge faster than usual, causing it to die out. While a battery performs more efficiently in warm weather conditions, the heat accelerates the chemical reaction’s speed, thereby hastening the battery’s degradation.
  • Old age: Regardless of how well you maintain your battery, the battery will begin to wear down and eventually fail after an extended period of use. When the battery is old, it wouldn’t have the capacity to hold a charge.

Symptoms of Dead Porsche Battery

A failing battery gives telltale signs before it eventually dies out. Discussed below are symptoms of a failing battery:

  • Dim lights: Dim headlights and dashboard lights are the most common and most obvious symptoms of a dying battery. You may notice that the headlights or interior lights are dimmer than they used to be. If this is the case, you may want to look into your battery.
  • Cranks but will not start: Your battery supplies the starter motor with the electrical current required to get the engine running. A dead or failing battery will not have enough charge to power the starter motor, and consequently, you will have issues starting your engine.
  • Swollen battery: The major culprit of a swollen battery is overcharging. The continuous charging of a battery after full charge expands the battery plate and causes the buildup of hydrogen gases faster than the battery can dissipate, resulting in the battery swelling. Extreme heat can also cause the battery to swell. Whichever is the case, you want to have the swollen battery replaced because driving with a swollen battery is dangerous.

Although a battery lasts between three to five years, you should closely monitor the battery after three years of use and have it replaced if you notice any symptoms discussed above.

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