Porsche Panamera Car

The Best Repair Shop in Tempe for Tackling a Porsche Air Oil Separator Failure

by admin August 27, 2022

Porsche’s are renowned for their high performance and sleek design. Under the hood, however, there are a number of complex mechanisms that work together to make sure the Porsche runs like a dream. One of these is the air-oil separator. This system helps to keep the engine oil clean by separating out any water or…

Porsche Car

Important 50,000 Miles Porsche Maintenance Schedule From Experts in Tempe

by admin August 10, 2022

There is no one answer to the question of why people love Porsches. The German sports car manufacturer has been producing distinctive, high-performance vehicles for over 70 years, and each model has its own unique appeal. For some enthusiasts, it is the Porsche’s racing pedigree that is most attractive. Others are drawn to the classic…

Porsche Low Coolant Warning

Tips to Detect Plastic Coolant Pipe Failure in Your Porsche

by admin July 25, 2022

While Porsche cars are extremely efficient vehicles, it’s very difficult to manufacture a perfect vehicle, even for one of the most popular and well-funded vehicle brands in existence. One particular problem Porsche owners have come across is a coolant pipe failure. The cooling system is one aspect of your Porsche’s functioning that is extremely crucial,…

Car Fuel Economy Drop

Warning Signs of a Cracked Fuel Cap in Your Car

by admin July 9, 2022

Nearly every car on the road today has a fuel system, and most of these systems have several different components. The fuel cap, for example, is typically located on the fuel tank. This cap helps to keep the fuel in the tank from evaporating. The fuel lines are another important component of the fuel system.…

Porsche Poor Fuel Economy

What Gives Rise to Purge Control Valve Problems in a Porsche?

by admin June 23, 2022

There is no doubt that every sports car owner is looking for a superior driving experience, which is exactly what Porsche cars provide. So, it can be frustrating to see the engine light on. It is even more aggravating if the problem that is causing the light to illuminate is difficult to diagnose. Although some…

Dead Porsche Battery

Best Go-to Shop in Tempe to Replace Your Porsche’s Dead Battery

by admin June 7, 2022

Porsche models are carefully crafted and engineered by some of the best car designers in the world. Although the quality parts are used during manufacturing, they are still very susceptible to natural wear and tear. One of the Porsche components that will most certainly require replacement after an extended period of use is the battery.…

Porsche Drivetrain

Seek the Help of a Porsche Specialist for Drivetrain Issues in Tempe

by admin May 22, 2022

In terms of luxury vehicles, Porsche has made its mark in the automobile sector. This brand is known for setting the benchmark as a brand that offers its drivers recognizable style, commanding power, and instant identity on the road. A lot of expertise and perfection goes into the building of all of these models. Porsche…

Porsche Decreased Fuel Economy

The Best Repair Shop in Tempe to Handle Fuel Pump Leaks in a Porsche

by admin May 6, 2022

The high performance of their famous engine, smooth driving, and efficiency has made Porsche cars to be highly sought after by car enthusiasts all over the world. Porsche also continues to make parts for even vintage models, appealing to the longevity of car ownership. But among the varieties of malfunctions a Porsche can develop, leaks…

Car Oil Light

Symptoms of Contaminated Engine Oil in Your Car

by admin April 19, 2022

Engine oil is essential for your vehicle’s smooth running. It is a viscous fluid that keeps your engine lubricated, preventing friction between the engine’s internal components. All manufacturers have recommendations on when to get an oil change and the type of oil for the engine’s optimal performance and longevity. The oil begins to wear down…

Porsche Coolant Warning Light

Where to Take Your Porsche in Tempe to Fix Coolant Leaks From the Thermostat Housing

by admin April 2, 2022

Porsche distinguishes itself by being eyecatching on the street, comfortable in its cabin, and dependable for daily driving. Your Porsche engine can overheat and affect regular operation if there is a coolant leak from the thermostat housing. Coolant may leak out of the system if the housing is damaged or cracked in any way. If…

Car Low Battery Light

When to Replace the Battery of Your Car

by admin March 16, 2022

It’s advisable to replace your batteries before you run out of power, but if the battery isn’t dead yet, how do you know when it’s time to replace it? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how long a battery will survive, but there are signs that it may be time to replace it. With this…

Porsche Car

Tips To Reduce Your Porsche Maintenance Cost

by admin February 27, 2022

Porsche is one of the most well-known sports car manufacturers in the world. They are known for their powerful engines, smooth handling, and prestige. It always has the objective of satisfying the customer to the utmost degree. Porsches distinguish themselves by being entertaining on the street and yet comfortable and durable for daily driving. One…

Certified Porsche Specialist in Tempe

How to Find a Certified Porsche Specialist in Tempe

by admin February 10, 2022

Your Porsche is equipped with multiple components that give it a blend of beauty and technical advancements which promise an unforgettable driving experience. Amidst all of these features, your Porsche can develop mechanical and electrical issues that are specific to your brand and model. This is why it is important to be aware of these…

Porsche Poor Engine Performance

Factors Responsible for Poor Engine Performance in Your Porsche

by admin January 24, 2022

Porsche is a luxury sports car with a reputation for a powerful engine and high performance. A poorly-performing engine is the last thing you want to experience on your drive. You expect maximum quality in terms of handling and horsepower when you are driving your Porsche. Your car is bound to develop mechanical problems, in…

Car Engine Overheating

Identifying Malfunctioning Components in the Cooling System of Your Car from Experts in Tempe

by admin January 7, 2022

Of all the components that were designed to help your car function at its best, the engine’s cooling system is one of the most important. The cooling system regulates and controls the overall temperature of your engine bay, preventing its vital moving parts from overheating while it’s running under extreme conditions. The cooling system is…

Porsche AC Poor Air Supply

Symptoms of a Pressure Accumulator Failure in Your Porsche

by admin December 21, 2021

The pressure accumulator is a vital component of a Porsche that could develop faults. It is made up of various components like valves, seals, chambers, hydraulic lines, pistons, pumps, etc. When any of these fail, several vehicle functions become limited. This is why it is important for every Porsche owner to understand how the pressure…

Porsche Cayman

How to Deal With Bushing and Shock Failure in Your Porsche

by admin December 4, 2021

The Porsche brand is famous for its high-level performance and sleek design, and their models are made of intricate and enhanced engineering. To ensure a smooth driving experience, Porsche uses bushing with the suspension system to cushion the various parts of the suspension and help give you a smoother ride. The Purpose of Bushings In…

Car on Road

Recognizable Signs of Wheel Misalignment in Your Car

by admin November 17, 2021

You may notice that your vehicle pulls heavily to one side as you drive. Wheel misalignment is a common cause for this steering mishap, and it only worsens with time. Wheel misalignment can also lead to uneven wear on the tires of your vehicle, a crooked steering wheel when your wheels are in a straight…

Car Manual Transmission

Ways to Deal with Manual Transmission Failure in Your Car

by admin October 31, 2021

No matter the make or model car you drive, it has gone through rigorous testing to meet minimum safety and performance standards. Over time, your manual transmission may experience failure for several reasons. Below you will learn more about manual transmissions, commonly reported problems, and ways to deal with manual transmission failure. Manual Transmission vs…

Car Oil Filter

Signs of a Clogged Oil Filter in Your Car from Certified Mechanics in Tempe

by admin October 14, 2021

Regular oil changes are the best type of maintenance you can invest in for your vehicle. Sure, it can take time out of your day and be a bit costly, but this preventive measure reduces the likelihood of more serious powertrain issues occurring in your car. It replenishes used oil with fresh lubrication to be…