Audi Accelerator Pedal

Recognizable Indicators of an Accelerator Pedal Fault in Your Audi

by admin December 8, 2020

Maintenance is essential for Audis, which are on the cutting edge of vehicle design. They are built for a lifetime of quality performance. Taking your Audi into a professional garage regularly is necessary to maintain the integrity of your car and to avoid problems like an accelerator pedal fault.

Whether you’ve owned an Audi for a while or have recently purchased one, old or new, you have the potential to experience a faulty accelerator pedal. In this article, we’ll go over some of the issues that could be causing this problem and outline next steps to take to solve it. Note that this issue may have many different causes, and what’s most important is acquiring the opinion of a professional should you encounter a faulty pedal.

Note the Problem

There are many possible causes of accelerator pedal faults in Audis. In the 1970s and 80s, there were Audi recalls due to faulty accelerator pedals. For this reason, buying an older model Audi is often cautioned against unless the buyer is intimately familiar with the model and its potential problems. This is one reason it’s very important to observe exactly what the problem is with your specific model of Audi and what the conditions are surrounding the faulty pedal.

If you experience any of these issues, or early warning signs that seem similar to these issues or anything out of the ordinary, pay close attention and take them seriously. All vehicles experience issues, and Audis are no different.

Possible Causes of Faults in your Accelerator Pedal

Sudden Acceleration

Sudden acceleration out of shifts from park accompanied by an inability to brake the vehicle. This hazardous particular issue led to the highest number of Audi recalls and lawsuits against Volkswagen Group.

Lack of Power

When the accelerator is pressed down, very little acceleration may occur. If the driver’s foot is taken off of the pedal entirely and then reapplied, the acceleration may kick back in full force, causing the vehicle to lurch forward suddenly. In addition, the driver can be holding down the pedal at a constant pressure, going a constant speed, and suddenly the car’s rpms drop to a much decreased speed. This is possibly the result of a pedal sensor positioning issue.

Stuck Pedal

The pedal becomes stuck in a depressed position, accelerating the vehicle, and the pedal does not move unless forcibly yanked upwards. Vehicle can only be slowed by pumping brakes repeatedly in neutral and turning off the engine, or forcibly moving the accelerator pedal by hand or foot. This extremely dangerous issue appears to be the most common in relatively newer Audi models.

Check Engine Light

Any of the above problems may be accompanied by a check engine light, and you should always bring your car into the shop if a check engine light appears on your dash.

Avoiding Accelerator Pedal Faults

The best way to avoid accelerator pedal fault is to know exactly what the possible issues are with any older model of Audi you plan on purchasing, and to only purchase from registered Audi dealers and patronize registered Audi car garages.

Make sure to take your Audi into a professional garage for regular maintenance and assessment to avoid any faulty accelerator pedals, and to follow all manufacturer guidelines in caring for and driving your Audi.

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