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Reasons Behind Engine Misfires In Your Audi

by admin July 20, 2019

Audi’s are one of the best cars in the industry. Audi owners know that they can depend on their car’s long-standing reputation for being quality first with a simple luxuriousness second. Audi’s service and maintenance schedule is much like that of other high end automobiles. However, like all vehicles, they are subject to wear and tear from use, even when the service and maintenance schedule is followed. One issue that can very frustrating for any car owner is when a car misfires, especially when it happens to a high-quality car like an Audi.

The reason that cars misfires seems fairly simple. Cars run based on the correct combination of fuel, oxygen, and spark. If the ratio of those 3 things is changed for any reason, the result may be misfiring. Misfiring is easy to recognize if your car lurches while you’re driving, but misfiring can also be felt as gaps in power while driving. Both of these can be very scary when you are out on the road and your car suddenly becomes unpredictable. Even though the reason a car misfires is something simple, like the change in the ratio between fuel, oxygen, and spark, knowing what caused that change can be complicated. This article is going to discuss some of the more common causes of Audi misfiring.

Causes of Misfiring Audi Engine

In a combustion engine, fuel and air move into the cylinder, and then the piston compresses the gas and air mixture.The spark plug then ignites a spark that causes the expansion of the gases. This expansion then push the piston back. The sparking of the gas mixture (fuel and air) is the combustion. This is when all three components that are necessary to run the engine come together. Hence the name: combustion engine. Potential problems come from the following parts of the system.

Ignition System

Spark plugs are the most common culprits of engine misfires. Over time, spark plugs wear out or start to corrode. Replacing spark plugs is relatively inexpensive. Your Audi service specialist will be able to tell you quickly if this is the problem. Another part of the ignition system is the wires. Like the plugs themselves, these wear out over time. Both the spark plugs and wires are also subject to additional stress in environments where temperatures change significantly or when they are exposed to temperature extremes over time. Older vehicles may need a distributor cap or rotor replaced.

Fuel and Air Mixture

When the amount of fuel is too low and the amount of air too high, this leads to a misfiring of your Audi. It is sometimes called a “lean misfire.” This is because the amount of fuel is lean compared to the amount that is needed to create the combustion. This can be caused by several factors, including your fuel filter being clogged or the fuel injection system not working properly. It can also be the result of a faulty emission control system. The emission control system limits the amount of gas burnoff being allowed into the air (environment) and recycles some of it back into the fuel and air mixture. In most cases it takes a skilled differential diagnosis to discern what is part of the emission control system is faulty.

Other Mechanical Problems

Other problems can also cause your engine to misfire. These issues usually get worse over time. You may even feel the car vibrating or your car may backfire. This could be caused by cracked or worn gaskets in the intake manifold or the vacuum line to the manifold. It can also be caused by the timing belt/chain or the drivetrain. These are components of complex systems in your Audi. The correct diagnoses will go a long way in getting your car back to the trustworthy and dependable Audi you know and love as quickly as possible.

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