Audi ABS Warning Light

Factors that Lead to ABS Failure in Your Audi in Tempe

by admin August 1, 2020

Audi prides itself on being a leader in the automotive industry. Since 1932, Audi has paved the way for safety, innovation, and class to be wrapped up in one amazingly engineered vehicle. Because of this, Audis have an anti-locking brake system (ABS).

ABS, along with the traction control system (TCS), keep the car from hydroplaning in unfavorable road conditions. The ABS keeps the car steady by using sensors on each wheel to send information that allows the car to adjust for the best driving performance possible. Even the most advanced ABS system is prone to fail sometimes. Below are a few signs to look for if your Audi is exhibiting ABS failure.

The ABS Light is On

This is the easiest way to determine if your Audi’s ABS system needs to be checked. If the ABS system light is illuminated on your dashboard, bring your Audi into the shop to be looked at soon. Your Audi is able to determine if there are issues with the ABS and emits a code that will allow your mechanic to figure out where the issue started and how to remedy it.

A Difference in How the Brake Pedal Feels

Audi’s come with fantastic breaks. They are extremely responsive and should have minimal resistance to the pressure your foot adds to the pedal when braking. Further, the brake pedal shouldn’t need a lot of pressure from your foot to stop the car. If your brakes need more pressure than usual or don’t respond as smoothly to the pressure from your foot, your ABS system may need to be checked out.

Your Brakes are Less Effective Than Normal

Brakes on an Audi are quick and effective in normal and unfavorable weather and road conditions. If you notice that braking is becoming less and less effective, especially in normal road conditions, there may be an issue with the ABS in your Audi.

Braking is essential to driving and driving safely for both you and other drivers, so your Audi should be brought in for a checkup as soon as possible if you feel your brakes is failing.

Sensor Contamination

This is where things get a bit tricky. The ABS control module illuminates the light on your dashboard when it senses a malfunction with the ABS. Sometimes, it isn’t the ABS that has a malfunction; it is the sensors themselves. These errors occur for multiple reasons. Debris or metal shavings can disrupt the sensors. The sensor’s wiring can be damaged as well, resulting in false sensor readings. If this is the case, your Audi should be brought in to have the wiring and sensors looked at.

Where to get your Audi’s ABS Checked

Audi is one of the most reliable brands in the industry, and because of this, they produce some of the most Audi ABS Module Check reliable cars you can own. The technology and engineering is top of the line, however, as shown above, they can still malfunction and need to be looked at.

If you’ve noticed any of the above, you need to bring your Audi into the shop to be looked at by a professional as soon as possible. Your car’s ABS system is a key component that makes it driveable. The ABS needs to be in perfect working order to have a safe and functioning car on the road.

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