Audi Broken Catalytic Converter

Expert Advice to Fix a Catalytic Converter in Your Audi in Tempe

by admin February 27, 2021

The catalytic converter is an invention that has made giant strides in the fight for a healthier living environment. The Audi brand is no stranger to the catalytic converter. As part of Audi’s overall environmental control system, it plays a vital role in keeping harmful gases from entering the world we share. This component has also seen many years of issues that have resulted in expensive repairs. Let’s examine the catalytic converter and what the experts say on how to fix it when it fails.

Why We Use Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter is attached to your exhaust system between the muffler and engine. Prior to its invention, harmful exhaust gases emitted directly into the air from vehicles. After years of scientific study and cases where entire cities were inundated with dangerous smog that blackened buildings and made its citizens sick, Congress passed legislation that mandated a reduction in emissions from cars in the U.S.

Although the catalytic converter had been around for several years by this time, it was not widely used in vehicles. The new law changed that when car manufacturers saw the catalytic converter as their answer to reduce the required emissions.

How a Catalytic Converter Works

Before we can understand how to repair a catalytic converter problem, we must first know how they work. The engine in your Audi, even the most technically-advanced model, runs on a combustion engine. At its core, this engine has changed little over the years. One of the byproducts produced by the combustion engine is harmful gases like carbon monoxide, VOCs, and nitrogen oxides.

The catalytic converter has a honeycombed material inside made from platinum, palladium, or rhodium. These precious metals work to cause a chemical reaction. As the catalytic converter heats, these noxious gases change into carbon dioxide and water, not harmful to the environment.

Signs of a Failing Catalytic Converter

A failing catalytic converter is a nuisance to Audi and other brand owners as several symptoms arise that mean it’s time for repair. Here are a few of the signs your catalytic converter is going bad.

  • Clogged Converter: Catalytic converters are notorious for clogging, especially in earlier models. When your Audi’s converter clogs, you will experience the smell of rotten eggs coming from your car.
  • Rattling Sounds: Since your catalytic converter resides on the underside of your Audi, road hazards pose a serious risk to them. Most damage comes from hazards like running over large pieces of tires or wood lying in the roadway. The converter’s internal components can break loose inside from the impact and create a sound similar to a baby’s rattle while driving.
  • Glowing Red: Exhaust gas is hot. So hot, in fact, if your catalytic converter’s gases cannot escape into the atmosphere due to a clog, it will continue to heat until the converter turns a bright red with heat.
  • Stalling and Backfiring: If your car stalls and backfires while driving, your problem may be the catalytic converter. If the gases cannot escape your engine, they will cause it to suffocate as it needs oxygen to operate.
  • Failed Emissions Test: If your city requires emissions testing, a bad catalytic converter is one of the most common reasons for a test failure.

How to Fix a Catalytic Converter

The bad news is when a catalytic converter fails, it must be replaced with a new one. If your Audi experiences issues with its catalytic converter, take it to a shop that is an expert in working on the Audi brand. This means the staff who perform the service are ASE trained and certified technicians and have years of experience repairing Audi and other high-quality vehicles.

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