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Best Service for Issues With the EGR System in Audi at Tempe

by admin August 21, 2019

Audis are well-known for being some of the best luxury vehicles on the market today. Loved for their power and excellence in performance, these cars have a reputation for class and power. However, they are not infallible. Audis are subject to wear and tear just like any other vehicle, foreign or domestic. This is true for the EGR system of an Audi as well.

When your EGR system fails, you need to fix the issue as soon as possible. The EGR system is an integral part of the optimal functioning of your Audi. In this article, we will discuss the EGR system, the importance of this component, and where to go to get help with repairs of this system.

What is the EGR system?

EGR is an acronym for “Exhaust Gas Recirculation.” This system allows exhaust gas to recirculate back into the intake to reduce harmful emissions and keep the cylinders operating at safe temperatures.

Why is the EGR system important?

A functioning EGR system in an Audi is important because it keeps both your car and the environment safe within government standard limits. Without it, you are doing 2 things: harming the earth by polluting the air and harming your vehicle. The excessive heat from the exhaust gases can destroy other parts of your Audi.

Warning Signs of a Failing EGR System in an Audi

When the EGR system begins to fail in your Audi, you may notice a few of these things happening:

The power and acceleration will reduce significantly

If a valve is not working properly and clogs up the exhaust gases, less oxygen is able to combine with fuel in your engine. Your engine needs oxygen to create maximum horsepower. When the EGR system fails, you will notice a lack of punch in your acceleration.

Fuel efficiency is reduced

Because the fuel-to-air ratio has been disrupted because of a malfunctioning EGR system, you will notice filling up on fuel more often than before. If the problem is not resolved quickly, you will find yourself wasting money at the gas pumps where it could go towards fixing the problem.

Rough idling

If a valve in the EGR system is stuck open, exhaust gas recirculation will happen even when it should not. Your vehicle will idle rough. This will be a fairly distinct sound, different from the everyday low grumble and background noise. Since you know your Audi, you will notice the new sound, which can tip you off to an EGR system failure.

The “Check Engine” light will come on

This can happen for several different reasons, but it is rarely ever an easy fix. A failing EGR system will cause the check engine light to illuminate, advising you to take your Audi in for diagnostics.

What You Can Do

If the EGR system in your Audi begins to malfunction or fail, Audi EGR System Issue Fix there isn’t much that you can do aside from seeking professional diagnosis and repair. Unless you are a certified Audi mechanic, you should not try to fix the problem at home. Let a qualified technician inspect and repair it instead.

To reduce the likelihood of issues getting worse in your Audi, have it regularly inspected and have routine maintenance done to ensure that any problem gets caught early before it leaves you taking the bus to work.

Where to Go

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